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I’ve Had My Peach Cobbler in Atlanta. Now I Want a Win…

Day 138


Getting into Atlanta it was only fitting. It was raining. I heard the Rockies got pummeled in Pittsburgh and were on their way. Rain was fitting.

Today, as I opened my eyes, the bright sun told it me was a new day and time for a much needed win. I hear I am lucky. It’s 70 degrees and very mild. Normally, the locals tell me it’s supposed to be around 90 degrees and of course %100 humidity. Lucky me.

I took that luck and struck out in search for that Atlanta peach cobbler that had to be around somewhere. I got some food recommendations from a local Atlantian (I’m not sure what to call someone from Atlanta) and I was en route to such a place when what did my eyes see- Bobby and Junes.

Bobby and June had to have some good eats and I was the intrigued mind to find out. Hell, any place with a swing on it’s porch out front has to have some kind of good food inside.


DSCN0139.JPGI have been in the south before, but majority of my food eathing experience has come from the many times I have been in the big easy. That is some great food and I couldn’t wait to see what Atlanta had to offer. I mean after all, I am not a “small” guy and I love the food experience.

The first thing I recognized in Atlanta, is that I need an interpreter. I never took “deep south” when I was in high school and it’s a dialect I am not the most familiar with. Like a low mumble taking halves of words, and splicing them together at a fast pace, catches me off guard and asking “excuse me” quite often.

Walking into Bobby and Junes, I had no idea thee Bobby would be the gentleman holding the door open for me. Probably in his 70’s, he looked exactly what I would expect from the owner of this establishment. I can imagine he has seen many years in the kitchen building the reputation. With his white hair and worn face, he was a tough one and you could tell this was his place. 


DSCN0140.JPGSeemingly everyone walking in and out knew someone there. This was about as down home southern a place you could get. It was easy to see I was the “odd” man out but I relished the opportunity to be a baseball embassador. Bobby Jr, who seemed to running the day to day, asked me where I was from and I explained I was in town to see the Rockies play the Braves. He said he hoped the Rockies would win and the Braves didn’t have a team. I thought it was a nice gesture and didn’t really want to remind myself of the Rockies play of late, so I just agreed.

For ten bucks, I ate some great fried pork chops, collared greens, cream corn, biscuits and peach cobbler. Let’s see a chain restaraunt come close to that and have as much character and bring an experience like Bobby and June’s.

Sitting at a counter that showed it’s age, I couldn’t help but think of all the events it had seen. I wondered what conversations had been spoken here. Loosely listening, I could hear discussions of car dealership closings and  worried thoughts of mismanaged government on this day.


DSCN0136.JPGAutographed pictures of George W. and Dick Cheney along with Georgians of some political nature I had no idea who they were, stared across from me. They all had thank-you’s to the Bobby and June for the great food.


DSCN0138.JPGAs the day grows longer I am more excited for my first trip to Turner field. I drove by it to see if I got that, baseball is played here feeling, like I get from Coors. I do get that feeling and it looks like a beautiful stadium from the outside. In a few short hours I’ll be inside it’s gates waiting and hoping for the boys of summer from Colorado to put a W up on the board.

I am grateful for the good weather today and I have a good feeling about tonight’s game. Of course I will have the latest and greatest from Turner Field and give you the low-down on the food and fans of the Atlanta Braves. The food of Atlanta has been good so far, let’s see what Turner Field can bring to the mix.

With a belly full of peach cobbler, I am ready for a win…