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Rockies and Astros and Kylie the Blake Street Blogger? Oh my…

Day 154


I had high hopes walking around the outside of Minute Maid Park that the Rockies would be able to pull out a win Monday night. They were down 2-1 in the season series versus the Astros and I wanted to tie the series.

Not to be.

I was pleasantly suprised walking towards the third base gates when from out of the distance I hear “Tom?” Normally it’s not unheard of me to think I hear Tom, but it’s usually someone saying mom and I ignore it. Today’s Tom was actually meant for me and I was lucky enough to meet the Rockies/Astros blogger Kylie. The Blake Street Blogger herself was decked out in a Holliday Rockies shirt and ready for the boys to win.

After the game I realized I had not taken a picture with Kylie, so this is a must do at tonight’s game.

I did manage to get a picture with a weird looking statue of Biggio. Or at least I think it was Biggio. They were intense looking statues but I had to offer a hand.


I’m sorry but this statue just looked scary. Reminded me of the faces in Indiana Jones the Lost Ark when they faces are melting off and they turn to skeletons.


scary statue.JPGA really nice usher, Ozzy and I stopped to talk to, gave us all the info and maybe not publicized info about the park. I appreciated it and would not mention his name here because he may have said some info the management would not want out. Nothing serious, but most appreciated as a visiting fan on a low budget.

I had a good feeling for the outside of the park and I was ready to check out what Minute Maid had to offer.

We had great seats for the game and extended the offer to hang out to Kylie. Any Rockies fan in enemy territory is automatically a Rocky Mountain Way favorite, except for one pretentious idiot who will go unnamed here, who thinks he must be a gift to the Rockies. I pointed him out to Kylie and she agreed his comments were not the coolest. Oh well there’s always one.

I tried to get Todd Helton to sign my photo and would have been able to had an usher not come over and backed me up. Oh well, I pointed it out to him and told him there was a copy at Coors if he did not already have it. Don Baylor was cool enough to put his signature on the team ball. Space is running out, but the team ball is impressive at this point.

Cook was on the mound for the Rockies and didn’t pitch all that bad. Matter of fact he should have won the game. A few hits a few feet here or there and runs score. He pitched well and I was sad to see him get the loss.


     Aaron Cook by Tom Walsh

Oswalt was on the mound for the Stros and although he had seven strikeouts he put seven men on. I wouldn’t say he had his A-game but he did what he had to getting the win.



     Roy Oswalt by Tom Walsh

I’m beginning to not like Carlos Lee. El Cavallo hit a two run homer to up the score to 4-1.


Carlos Lee by Tom Walsh.JPG

     Carlos Lee by Tom Walsh

This train is supposed to make it’s way across the stadium after a homerun but it did not. Maybe with the recession they had to lay off the conductor or fuel prices are too high to get it across? I was ready to catch it moving, but it just stood there.



     Minute Maid Express by Tom Walsh

The Rockies would make some poor defensive plays and strand too many runners on base.

A familiar story and with a sad ending. As I sat up and readied myself to leave the stadium I  turned back and looked down. Some Astro fan had been nice to leave me $25 on the floor. Maybe they felt bad and wanted to refund any money I had spent. At least it was a free night at the ballpark.


DSCN0195.JPG And if you wondered how it looked to take a ball to the nads..


BalltothenadsbyTomWalsh.JPGIt was not pretty…



     Bejeweled by Tom Walsh

Notice two players were holding the jewels? Common reaction from other men, sympathetic gesture to the hurt man.

Headed out to game two. Go Rox!!


It’s the End of the World as We Know it…and I Feel Fine

Day 117


What a weekend… No swine flu here though.

The winds of change were blowing in Denver.


DSC06036.JPGFriday night saw the Rockies lose a battle against the Dodgers 6-5. It was a close game for the most part and I take the loss. My curse on the Dodgers really hasn’t materialized the way I hoped. I may need to take the grass from Dodger stadium to a good voodoo specialist.

Friday night also saw the debut of the Rocky Mountain Way-I Live for This tag team debut. Emily and I would try and combine our forces to rally the Rockies, but we came up short. I wanted to blame it on the Korean, but Emily and I would agree that I would take the loss.

DSCN0105.JPGWith Emily and her two girlfriends in attendance, it was no surprise to me the talk of baseball butts would come into play. Trying to be the team player, I took care of the “photos” for the ladies. Needless to say, guys can skip to the next section of the blog, but the ladies I’m sure will keep with the longer glance.

atkinsass.JPGDon’t ask me, I just take the photos.

































Emily was nice enough to provide me with my first free ticket of the year. Other than the score of the game, it was a great time. “I Live for This” is a pretty accurate description for Emily, her blog and her love of baseball. She’s more than willing to give you any baseball answer and if she doesn’t know it, she may let you know she likes to make stuff up! Emily and I ran into Don of Rockpile Rant and he was in the intense “zone” trying to hawk some balls during batting practice. He caught one of the last balls of the practice and gave it to Emily.


TomWalshcookie(1).JPG                  Tom Walsh- Aaron Cook

Our ace, Aaron Cook, did not live up to my prediction of going 7 2/3 scoreless innings, but he didn’t have the worse outing of the year, so maybe things are changing for the better. After getting touched up in the first, he settled in and had some good innings. I hope he’s past the bad outings.  

The Rockies would fall again Saturday to the Dodgers 6-5. Ubaldo Jimenez, who is a huge hope of mine, was sketchy at best and never really found command of his fastball.

Sunday, started out Sunny..


DSCN0109.JPGand would end raining. The Rockies rained down runs on the Dodgers and scored 10 runs. It was nice to see and I wasn’t really complaining at all! I had a different outfit on and I will continue to wear it trying to figure out if it may be the lucky one this season.

Sunday also had a very bright spot during the rainy, cloudy day and I will talk all about it in tomorrow’s blog.


Sweet Home Colorado…”Help Keep Bats Warm..”

Day 113


It’s a home stretch for the Rockies. Exactly, in my opinion, when they need it most.

I saw the devastation that was the L.A. series with my own eyes…They still hurt.

Thumbnail image for sadtom2.JPG
I listened to the Arizona series and I needed some extra pain relievers.

This downward spiral that saw the Rockies win only 2-6 on the road has saddened my heart and made me examine all the superstitions I hold dear. Is my pre-game routine off? What was I wearing when we were winning? Some of the Rockies players have shaved off the facial hair, should I take mine off too?

Just to be safe I shavedmost of mine off today..

But, let’s be realistic here.

The Rockies are sitting in the basement at 5-9 and they need a hefty push up the stairs right about now. I’m calling on this guy.

I’m sure he will help to “wake bats up” and get the guys on the right track. If he doesn’t, we could always go the live chicken route, but for now I’ll just set out some extra rum and you should know, “It’s very bad to drink Jobu’s rum…very bad.”

I really want to put some good stats in my game log I keep. I mean the last four or five pages I have are really bad. I mean, really bad and I want to log some good stats.

I know Cookie is going into the game with a 10.22 ERA and a not so sinking sinker. I’ve seen it. I heard it all last weekend everytime Manny took him out of the yard. But, I also remember the day after opening day, when Cookie got lit up and he looked like this.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for cookhappy.JPG
                       Tom Walsh

I mean that’s what you want in your starter and the rock of your pitching staff. You want enough confidence and poise to be able to shake off all the bad starts this year, which just happen to be all of them, and move on.

I don’t want to see another Manny Ramirez homer, in person, again this year. No mas.

What I want to see and my predictions for the Friday night game are as follows.

-Only hitting .214, Garrett Atkins is going to double his homerun total in one game. That means he will leave Coors Friday night with four homeruns on the season. So let it written, so let it be done.

-Chris Ianetta will go 3-4 and get his average above .100. This will be the game that sets in motion his all-star ballot winning at the catcher position. His late first half numbers will be strong.

-Aaron Cook will pitch a scoreless 7 2/3 innings before handing the ball off to the bullpen who will be flawless in their shutting the door.

Final score. Rockies win 4-0.

Go Rockies!!

It’s Fate I Got #28

Day 88


I’m not big on rankings because I am more a quality then quantity kinda guy. I would rather be ranked low if it meant great readers and great comments. I appreciate everyone who has dropped by and continues to leave great comments. It is very appreciated. My latest ranking gave me a good chuckle because I thought- It’s fate.

You see #28 is the number of the Rockies opening day pitcher Aaron Cook. The man with the plan and the anchor of this years roster, Cook is a veteran with plenty of good stuff, hopefully more than enough to carry the team. So I saw it as fate that #28 is the opening day pitcher and that is the start of this journey for me. Cook will be on the mound when I watch the Rockies take on their first real opponent and “The Great Experiment” is under way. So who is #28?


The 2005 Tony Conigliaro Award winner says a lot about describing Cook. The award is given to a Major League player who has overcome adversity through the attributes of spirit, determination and courage. Cook has those attributes and more. 

In 2004 while on the mound, Cook felt dizziness and was taken to the hospital. Doctors realized he had an odd condition where a rib was pressing against a vein creating life-threatening blood clots. Forget about pitching, the man could have died. But that is not Cook.

Almost a year later, Cook found himself back on the mound trying to reclaim the career he had almost lost. He won his first six consecutive games in 2005 and was an inspiration to anyone who faced great adversity. You couldn’t help but root for the guy to stay strong. His  ability to get groundball and fly ball outs is a thing of beauty and fans wanted more.

In 2007 Cook was a strong force in the Rockies lineup and was helping the team get to the World Series when he suffered a season ending oblique injury in August. Another injury and a sad way to go out. Many wondered if he could come back yet again.

Last season, as seemingly the whole team was injured, Cook not only came back but was the rock. You knew during the dark injury-ridden days of ’08, when Cook was on the hill it was going to be a bright day or at least the chance of one. He went 16-9 with a 3.96 ERA and was voted to his first all star game. You might remember that. He was the guy who worked out of a no-out bases loaded jam in the national spotlight. That’s Cookie. 

The closing of spring training is near and fans can have high hopes Cook will not only be the number one starter, but the blood and guts veteran will be the attitude the Rockies need to take the division. So it’s fitting today I’m number 28 and #28 is leading the charge for hopefully a memorable season in more ways than one.


Photo credit- vault.sportsillustrated.cnn.com

Spring In The Air (Almost Everywhere) and Blossoms Begin to Take Shape

Day 62


First let me apologize to all of you out there stuck in knee deep snow. I feel for you and I’m sure Colorado has some snow left in the future. March is always a fun month. Not more than a few years back, we had a blizzard on March 17. Made for a great recovery period after St. Paddy’s Day. But I digress.

Looking up at the Aspens, I begin to see the first buds looking to form and I get evermore
aspen leaves.jpgexcited.A spring in my step and a spring feeling all around. Days hovering in the 65 degree range will do that. Baseball is back and my Rockies are sweeping the Cactus League. Ok maybe just the clean up crew is sweeping peanut shells, because the Rockies have yet to win a game, but I am not worried.

From listening to the games and reading some of the great reporting from Rockies MLB beat reporter Thomas Harding, I know it is just the season springing into action. The team is not so much focused on only winning at this point as they are getting the fundamentals down and working on problem areas. A win would be nice and they don’t want to lose, but that solid foundation took them to the World Series a few years ago and it will take them higher places if they stick with it and get it set in these days.

Harding writes in a recent article, “Cook, under a plan he discussed with pitching coach Bob Apodaca and catcher Sal Fasano, worked on his slider and changeup, even in situations where his sinking fastball would have been an appropriate pitch.

Good job boys. Work on what needs work. Aaron Cook, coming off an impressive and strong year last season will be the strength of the Rockies pitching staff.

Go Rocks. Let the bandwagoners jump off now to open up seats for us others who slide down because we can’t afford the pricey ones. Shoo shoo.

Spring is here and everyday I can walk outside without a jacket on is a good day.

Just a few points of the weekend:

I took time away from the computer to enjoy friends and family. Everyone should do that.

I turned six this weekend. Well at least that’s what the number of candles on the cake said! Yes, that’s the creation in  question and with all loving adoration I was happy my mom could make such a moist chocolate cake.

DSC05382.JPGThe RockyMountain News closed it doors for good on my birthday. This made me very sad.

The Rockies Roadster has been holding up after some minor adjustments in hopes I find the greater problem! So far so good.

My niece played in the final basketball game of the season and did a good job. Let’s just say better than her uncle with his photography job!



The “I don’t know coach look.



And the “It’s crowded do I dribble or shoot look?” 









DSC05473.JPGProgramming note: The 10th editon of Timeoute at the Plate is currently in the works. I hope you’ll come and join in because this edition will be a community affair where the format will change up slightly. I have all confidence it will be a good read and continue in the tradition of the Timeout series.