The critique should start at home..err criticism that is

As I was sitting in the emergency room of the local hospital the other night, it hit me. I was wearing a Rockies jacket and if this was a sampling of the local Colorado population, then the Rockies were not getting any support and frankly it gets me po’d.

Yeah, just another day in the life. No, it wasn’t me who needed an emergency room visit, rather it was my father. He had a procedure earlier in the day which had the doctors entering his fermoral artery to remove some blockages in his blood system. If you haven’t heard of the femoral artery or forgot about it since your days in biology, it’s a main artery that when ruptured can kill a person in about 10 minutes. If you watched any shark week, it’s the artery hit most often in shark attacks and surfers don’t last long on the beach if it’s not tied off.

If you’re thinking “Can this guy catch a break?” Don’t worry I was thinking the same thing. When it rains it pours and another situation where someone’s health is in jeopardy around me is becoming all too familiar.

So the old man needed to make sure the artery plug job they had done on him was going to hold, because nobody in my family could handle the big man bleeding out overnight at home.

There I was. Almost in a daze because this kind of stuff is becoming too familiar. The emotions are turning off easier and easier and I found myself staring at the people all around at near midnight. It got me thinking. What had happened with the Rockies? I was getting bits and pieces but truthfully have not heard or watched a full game in almost three weeks.

I knew they had kept close in the wild card and were in a great position. The gap with the division leading Dodgers was lessening and they were still very much in it. So I looked around and asked. “Where the Rockies fans at?” I mean this is Colorado and somebody in that 50+ group had to have some gear on. Somewhere? Somebody?

Nope. I saw a 350 pound woman, who literally could not fit in the chair, who had on a 5×5 inch silver medallion Raiders logo on a silver necklace. Obviously the necklace didn’t seem too big on her petite frame, but who the hell wears a giant Raiders logo to the ER? What the hell was I witnessing?

Then I saw a Broncos hat. Alright, football season is nearing and I expect to see the Bronco gearing coming on strong. I’m okay with that. At least it wasn’t another Raiders logo. Wait, before I could look any further it’s a guy wearing a Cowboys jersey.

Again, where the hell was the Rockies love? It donned on me that my jacket may be the only representation there and I was going to have to come to terms with that.

Entering the room to have the doctor come in, I begin to smart off to the old man. I am a professional smartace. I was trying to lighten the room and the old man can pick that up pretty quick. That’s when I noticed the tv listing on the wall. I said,”They have a lot of channels let’s see where RockyMountain FSN is and maybe we can catch some highlights or the rerun of the game.” Hmmm, up and down the list my eye scanned. Lifetime…Fox News…Food Network..ah here we go ESPN..NFL Network…basebahhh. What?


erpic1.jpgAfter looking over the list up and down repeatedly, I saw there was no FSN to catch any Rockies baseball.

I would have probably been okay if they didn’t have the NFL Network. The reason behind that thought is in Colorado the belief had always been everything else is second to football. The first major sport in Colorado and the beloved Broncos are rightly so up there. But there’s no reason to not at least fake some support for the baseball team here.So somebody in the administration had made sure there was at least some football coverage for their ER visitors. Everything from spanish tv to football, but besides getting lucky on some momentary coverage on ESPN, there was no hope for the Rockies faithful.

I get the fact that baseball has not put out the greatest product in the Rocky Mountains, but any baseball fan worth his wait has to be somewhat excited right now. This team is no fluke. i realize I was in the minority this off-season screaming to the top of my lungs saying this team was going to be a contender. But it seems until they win a World Series and keep a team in the playoffs for long stretches they aren’t going to get the respect even within their home state.

So there I sat. The old man was laying in the bed ready to hear his news when I thrust the camera upon him. Go ahead. Take it. I’m disgusted that someone in this hospital saw to overlook putting baseball on the programming.


er pic.jpgYep, the picture was crooked, but seeing he didn’t know if he was going to bleed out in the next 12 hours, I give him credit.  

So, the next time I want to put full blame on the bottom line of tv dollars, I will also make the argument that the war to support the Rockies is not being fully won at home. It’s not just outside forces, but an attitude of apathy towards a sport that has put and will put a good product out for years to come.

Although I was going miles a minute in my thoughts, I did notice a funny piece of writing in the hospital I had to share. I quote, “Logs will be given to nurse manager daily and reviewed daily for accountability.” I laughed when I read that. Lucky nurse..getting logs and all.

Oh, and yes the old man survived. My pops even saw fit to get smart with the doctor. Guess the apple and tree thing fits somewhere in there. A tension filled night came to climax in the morning and knock on wood, he’s getting along. Another day in the life…


  1. xcicix

    I thought the aorta was the main artery? What do I know, anyway, I only learned the regents course, AKA weird random useless bio.
    Where IS the love? People don’t really appreciate baseball. Unless it’s baseball season (and even right now, during the beginning of training camp) it’s FOOTBALL ALL THE TIME. It’s even like that on WFAN. Why does Joe Beningo want to talk about the Jets when they always break his heart? Why not the Yankees and the Mets? It’s really a mystery, and sometimes I feel like the only person who doesn’t care about Eli Manning’s contract, Plaxico Burress’s sentence, whether Brett Favre has really retired, and whether Tom Brady is healthy or not.
    But life has its hardships, and at least you live close to your favorite team so you can go to the ballpark and see fellow Rockies fans there.

  2. Kylie

    I’m glad the procedure worked and that your dad was able to sass the doctor. I like hearing that.
    It’s weird, all the Houston sports teams suck (aside from the Dynamo, but who watches soccer anyway?), so none of them gets more coverage than another. The Texans posted their second 8-8 season last year so now everyone’s like, “We’re totally going to the playoffs this year.” Uh, okay, if you say so.
    I hate going to hotels and finding out that they don’t have FSH. It drives me insane.
    I’m repping the Rox here in Texas! I wore my Matty shirt yesterday… I miss him. My first game is August 21!!
    β™₯ Kylie —

  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Jeez, Tommy. You might need a vacation. πŸ™‚ Glad things worked out with your dad. But what’s up with that channel lineup? Baseball is awesome and should be represented. Because I said so. πŸ™‚ And besides, the Rockies have been doing pretty well. I love football and all, but keep football in football season and rep baseball during baseball season! That’s not a bad picture, considering the circumstances. πŸ™‚ And be proud…not only am I recording “Major League” on my DVR so I can watch it when I have the chance, but I’ve been wearing my Brad Hawpe t-shirt around Chicago almost as much as I wear any of my White Sox t-shirts and jerseys. πŸ™‚

  4. rrrt

    Tom – I meant to comment after your previous post about your aunt and got sidetracked. Then today I’m trying to catch up on my blog reading and see this one about your dad. I’m glad that everything turned out OK for your dad, and I hope that you are able to savor the time you have left with your aunt. I think you’ve had to deal with enough lately – God should cut you a break! I’m sure he’s not reading this though. I feel your frustration with the lack of Rockies love, and no baseball on the TV listing – I don’t get it either. One of my pet peeves is when the E-A-G-L-E-S chant breaks out at a Phillies game. If those people love the Eagles so much, then stay at home until football season starts!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. iliveforthis

    Glad that things worked out for your dad! I LOVE shark week, but that’s beside the point. Restaurants that I go to never have the Rockies game on, they’ve had bull riding on and not the baseball game. During the X games, they had that on all the time. I’ve been thinking about ya, I should probably turn my thoughts into actions and give you a call. Someday.

  6. juliasrants

    Tom – I’m sorry I haven’t written before – but the news of your dad cut a little too close to home. My mom died 7 and 1/2 years ago – because clots broke off from that damn artery in her leg. I am so glad to here that you dad is going to be okay. Because no matter what our age, we always find a reason to need our parents. Even when we are parents ourselves.


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