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Baseball junkies here’s your fix.

Day 159 1/2


Ah ok, this post will be dedicated to the Rockies and the triumph that was the first sweep of the season.

This guy pitched and I got the ticket of the day he pitched autographed and chatted with him to say great game. Seven innings, 108 pitches and dominance. I hope to see more of it amigo. I have been praising you for quite a long time and I will be framing that autographed ticket.



     Ubaldo Jimenez by Tom Walsh

This word that came up on the scoreboard at Busch seemed to sum it all up.

jackpot.JPGWhat can I say? I saw this guy get his first hit with the Rockies and make one hell of a play on a put out.

DSC07607.JPGYes it was a great play and after the dive they are still there Gonzo.

Carlos GonzalezbyTomwalsh.JPG

     Carlos Gonzalez by Tom Walsh

This guy couldn’t get a hit to save his life but I had no problem with that.


     Pujols strikeout by Tom Walsh

This character looked a little creepy. I’ll think I’ll take our big smile dinosaur anyday.


FredbirdbyTomWalsh.JPGThese two were chirping it was time for the fat lady to sing.

cardinalsbyTomWalsh.JPGEven a rainy day at the ballpark is better than a day at home!


DSCN0231.JPGFinally, adios Busch Stadium you were the friendliest confines to my boys the whole season eventhough you are a complete rip off because you can be. Damn you supply and demand and the fact you can charge $22 for the cheapest seats in the house. Shame. Don’t you know we are in a recession and beers should not be the most expensive I have seen anywhere – $7.75! Ridiculous, although it is cool you let people bring their own food and drink (minus beer) into the stadium.



       Busch Stadium by Tom Walsh

 Speaking of stadiums, I really need to get caught up on my stadium reviews. I am sooo sorry : ( The road can be tough to get wifi and post as much as I would like. I owe you the reader Arlington, Minute Maid and Busch. I will find time. Promise.


Yes, Emily I know I haven’t posted Helton’s 2,000th hit but I keep coming up short on the autograph. I am trying and I am confident I will get it soon and I’ll post the pict. Thanks for your patience.