Who cares about Keith Olbermann…really?

Ahh, thinking back on the fond days in newspaper life (the scene fading into black). I can remember when a managing editor would give someone he/she a scolding when ideas were offered up in the daily news meeting which were played out or just simply out of touch. 

Right about this time you could tell who was worth their weight in the profession and who was just simply lazy or resting on their laurels to get by. For instance, the state fair may be rolling into town and the lazy reporter may offer up an idea to cover the food vendors  The editor would look over with a scolding eyebrow and explain how that was a boring angle that any reporter in numerous years has covered. But to the guy or gal offering it up, may have seemed like a good idea because the food vendors were always accesible and people love food. Maybe something like Keith Olbermann being on the cover story yet again, might have gotten the same scolding from a good managing editor.

Tuning into MLBlogs I am once more graced with the face of Keith Olbermann and something this man has to say is sure to be worthwhile reading. Not that he hasn’t been focused on enough throughout the season since he became a blogger, but this post should guarantee yet another rousing piece. Now, this is in no way an attack on the writing of Olbermann or what he brings to MLBlogs. Some of his pieces are well worth the posting and he like everyone else in this community is more than welcome to share his views. That’s what makes this place a roundtable of so many great ideas. But somehow I’m still left feeling like someone is asleep on their watch.

It’s not like there aren’t other interesting people who blog that may have an even greater piece of writing, but unfortunately they don’t have primetime television audiences and aren’t recognizable enough to bring in advertising revenue to MLBlogs. Because let’s face it ladies and gentlemen, this site has a bottom line and someone has to answer to keeping it profitable. Don’t ever assume this is only an altruistic endeavour by Major League Baseball to give the fans a voice. You have a voice but you better be the one who’s name gets brought up in casual conversation to impress another, aka namedropping.

So let’s name drop. Who can be a big enough name, willing enough to write on MLBlogs and be worthy of making the front cover with hopefully some form of insightful and interesting writing?

Hmm, wait that’s not our job as writers. That’s the job of those in power positions within this organization. The editors and producers, if you will, of this online site. Surely there has to be someone “worthy” of making the front page and who can add to this dialogue? But we don’t have the rolodexes or blackberries filled with people on a national basis who could make for an interesting read. Nope, we are just left to scratch our heads at one may perceive as the ineptness or apathy of management to make the tough phone calls or reach out to new sources of baseball and not just rest on the fact “there’s always Keith Olbermann.” It’s played out and tired.

Fine, get your ego boosted and your advertising revenue met with big names, but with any luck it will be from new and different voices who can really bring a fresh voice. Pound the pavement and make the calls or send the emails.  Do the research and earn the paycheck before putting out another all too familiar voice on the subject. 

Otherwise it won’t surprise me to dream up such headlines as “Olbermann sees Yankees as top contender” or Olbermann talks about new Yankee Stadium in it’s first postseason” during the month or so left of baseball. Mix it up or give it up. Didn’t somebody say “change is good.” Maybe that can be hard to see in a proverbial ivory tower where everyone says “Sure thing boss. Great idea” but for the rest of us please try..


  1. juliasrants

    Well – I caught a grasshopper today for my son’s tarantula to eat – is that news worthy? 😉 I hear you though Tom. What makes someone “news worthy”? That they have written books? Been on the radio? On TV? Or that they have something intelligent, funny and possibly insightful to say? I vote for the last one. But hey – that’s just me! I haven’t written a book, been on radio or TV, so what do I know? I blog because I have a passion – not because someone told me too!

    Tom – spot on as usual! You are the conscience we all need.


  2. Kylie

    You are right, of course. You always are except when you won’t let me pay for your gas to drag you to Coors Field, because, really. Jeff is right, because SHARP. And I agree with Emily. Someone needed to say it.
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  3. rrrt

    It irks me when they choose to highlight Olbermann, or one of the player blogs. It almost seems like the easy way out. I wish they’d occasionally spotlight some of the lesser-read, but well-written, blogs that could benefit from the exposure. I’m sure there are plenty of interesting blogs out there that I just don’t know about.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  4. taleoftwoleagues

    I’ve found another blog to read consistently! Your writing should be shown to someone at MLB or ESPN. You definitely write better than 99% of the beat writers out there working for X and Y team. Just curious though… after reading your last post, I wonder what you think now that we’ve gone from that point where we were back in the wildcard to now four games up and two down in the division to a slumping dodger team.

  5. raysrenegade

    Got to say, I have not even thought about Olbermann since he began his blog on here.
    Like Chris Berman, he is the ancient history of ESPN talking head department and might have some humorous moments, but is a bit lacking in the personality department.
    Sorry, he is not even in my top 50 best sports announcers or personalities to be on-screen or on the air.
    Is he also doing a Brett Farve by trying to stay in the public eye when he should be in the corner at the local Country Club with a whiskey sour in one hand, and a story pounching out of his other hand.
    Old news, old routine, simple old school.

    Rays Renegade


  6. indians

    Well said tom. I totally agree. It seems like his face is always on MLBlogs.com, but i never really put any thought into it until now. I have scanned his blog, but it is always filled with NY stories/post. People do like variety, but then again everyone is a yankee fan.

  7. rockymountainway

    Julia- Everybody has a different definition of newsworthy but I agree with your points. And I’m sure your sons exploits with insects would be at least worth a good chuckle and not a “oh boy Olbermann again” feeling.
    Jeff- You are wrong it’s about stroking ones ego by being a laughable ego-centric distant member of the blogs who doesn’t like any good ideas and only ones that kiss some booty. Just sayin..
    Emily- You are welcome : ) If it’s the voice of the people awesome but it is definitely my voice and I am not afraid to put down what it is I felt needs said. One more lackluster attempt at promoting Keith Olbermann can do that to a guy.
    Kylie- I will still let you buy me a brawt : )
    Sue- Agree, agree, agree and hoping it happens.
    Mike- Well uh thanks Mike, Appreciated but I know there are many great writers out there. I think it’s exciting for real fans of baseball to watch this team win when it matters. Overcoming adversity and taking on a Dodgers team that practically everyone gave the division crown to after June.
    Buz- Could not have said it better. Division here we come!
    Rays- That’s why I love ya, tell it like it is my friend.
    Cleveland- I wouldn’t say “everyone” is but of course they are the number one market and they will get the lions share of publicity. Money talks.

  8. greg1969

    Hello, Tom. I have not posted before on your blog, but I have enjoyed your entries before. My name is Greg. I happen to live outside a major baseball “market”, but we live in the Braves viewing area. I live in Asheville, NC, where you happen to have a Single-A farm club, the Asheville Tourists, whom we go to see about twice a year. Further, I happen to be a Red Sox fan, so the 07 WS was an interesting time here! (I grew up outside DC, where we had no team for many years). Perhaps you have seen me post, fairly regularly, on Julia’s Rants, as a fellow Red Sox fan. I am also a regular on the pro blog Brownie Points.
    Which brings me to why I wanted to post on your entry here. I read with great interest the interviews you did of your fellow-bloggers, including Julia. I re-read hers recently, as you had done the interview with her before I really was a regular poster on her blog, so it was good to refresh my memory with her interview.
    I wanted to ask if you were considering doing some interviews of other less-well-known bloggers the way you did the previous year. I understand you recently started a job (congratulations!), so if that were no longer a possibility, I’d understand. All the interviews you did were VERY good, so I would hope you could do so again, though. I do not have a blog (and I have no intentions of starting one), so I have no pony in the race, but I would find another series of interviews very interesting. And since you would like (as would I) to see other blogs featured other than the pros, it would be a great read.
    Take care, Tom. I hope you are having a great Christmas and holiday season. Thanks!

  9. pagevalnat

    Okay, outside of Olbermann…who REALLY deserves to be on the front page of this site?
    Well, for starters…how about yours truly? I don’t even make the top-100 (fan) MLBlogs; I’m old enough to remember the (expansion) Senators of the ’60s/early ’70s (you MIGHT want to read my stuff…lol); I think I’ve been interviewed ONCE by a blogger (not here, mind you)…should I go on?
    I mean, I’d LOVE for MLBlogs to show me some love…lol
    Anyway, nice piece.
    Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

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