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MLBlog’s first ever support group gathering

Day 22


As you know we are gathered here for one of our fellow bloggers Kaybee to help her through the tremendous loss of Trevor Hoffman.

Today as we are gathered around in this circle we are each going to express some type of loss in our sports history and relay that to you Kaybee. It’s ok to use feeling words like “scared, angry, betrayed, Scott Boras sucks, or alone,” in your descriptions and to help poor Kaybee through this rough time.

support-group.jpgI will start first today and then we can go around the circle and hear from each of you gathered. Thank you all for coming. Please put on your name tags.

My name is Tom and Kaybee I’d like to talk about one of the first losses I suffered. He’s a little before your time but he was a character and I was dissapointed when he was traded from the Mets. His name was Lenny Dykstra. Lenny D used to spit so much chew in the outfield he would kill the grass. I believe other players used to call it the tar-pit. Opposing teams would be angry and disgusted at the tar pit and no one player would stand near it or hate to run through it if they could avoid it. He helped the magical Mets win the series in ’86 and I loved that guy.

lenny d.jpgThen it happened. In 1989 he was traded to division rivals Philadelphia Phillies. I couldn’t believe this guy was in center field wearing anything other than a Mets jersey. I instantly disliked him at first. Didn’t watch a game he was playing and soon I heard he was leaving the tar-pit in Philly’s center field too so I laughed. Eventually I got over it, but for so long everytime I would see him in center, I would still see that crazy Met. sniffle sniffle. Recently I heard he was being investigated for being a stock scammer. Silly Lenny still up to his antics. (gently whiping my nose with a hankie)

Excuse me miss. Miss. Yes you reading the book Confessions of a She Fan would you like to go next? Miss..Jane?

 Kaybee, it’s so very hard to let go. I know. I’ve been there. And I didn’t just lose a player; I lost a manager when Joe Torre went to the Dodgers after 12 years with the Yankees. Twelve years! I still have a hard time seeing him in that other uniform. But it’s a process.
joe torre.jpg
First, there’s shock (“OMG, he’s really gone!”). Then, there’s anger (“I can’t believe the front office let him leave!”). Then, there’s grief (“I hate life”). But time does heal. And before you know it, a new member of the Padres will win your heart. You’ll see. Take it from me. I’m not saying I love Joe Girardi. I’m just saying I’m giving him a chance to win me over. Here Jane take this box of tissues, it’s alright. Yes, yes of course you can take a bathroom break.

Next, who have we here? You two ladies in the all red attire-this is not  Fenway but who would like to go first. Yes, mamm yes I know they are showing the Red Sox on MLB network today but we are here for Kaybee. Please tell us your story Miss Julia.

Hi. My name is Julia Fitzgerald and I have a problem. I still have trouble when I think about the fact that Kevin Millar is no longer playing for the Red Sox.  He was a member of our team during the 2004 World Series run – our first one in 86 years!  He was a founding member of the idiots and cowboys squad and I still have my Cowboy Up t-shirt – the rallying cry that he came up with during the 2003 playoffs.
kevin millar.jpg 
Millar was an above average player – he played first base (and okay, MAYBE I like Youk a little better there!) but what I really miss is his attitude.  His antics.  His playfulness!  Do you know what he said when the Red Sox were down 3-0 to the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS?  (After the game when we lost 19-8 to the Yankees!)  He told everyone who would listen -” Don’t let us win tonight. This is a big game. They’ve got to win because if we win, we’ve got Pedro coming back in Game 5 and Schilling in 6, and then you can take that fraud stuff and put it to bed. Don’t let the Sox win this game.”  HE CHALLENGED THE YANKEES TO A THROW DOWN when everyone else had written us off.  And what happened – we won!  And then when does he do before game 6 in New York??  He tries to get all his teammates to take a shot of whiskey before the game!  To loosen them up!  He always played by his own rules – but you know what?  He had the skills to back up his antics.  And you all know what happened in 2004 – we WON the World Series! 
My Cowboy & Idiot helped to inspire our rag-tag bunch of players to actually WIN THE WORLD SERIES!  And then what do we do after the 2005 season??? WE TRADED HIM TO BALTIMORE!!  Okay – I mean Baltimore is better then the Yankees, but Baltimore??  I had to see him come back and play in my beloved Fenway wearing another teams uniform!  He still had the same quirky smile.  The same blond hair, that, regardless of the length you wanted to run your hands through it.  Every time I saw him I had to ask – how could we have traded him?  I mean his numbers really were good – 2007 was the first year since 2000 that he hit under .270!  He could have been hitting that for us!  Surely we could have found another role for him when the Red Sox brought Youk up from the minors.  He could have been that guy on the bench that we brought in when we needed infield help; when we needed that bat!  He would have been there to keep everyone laughing and loose and ready to play.  Laughing all the way to another trophy!  And help us he did – because, get this!  When we found ourselves down 3-1 to Cleveland in the 2007 ALCS the Sox brass had to call in all the big guns!  And who threw out the first pitch in game 7 of the series after the Red Sox had tied Cleveland 3-3 in the series??  KEVIN MILLAR! 
It is the FIRST time in MLB history that a player on the active roster of one team threw out the first pitch for another MLB team!  And why??  BECAUSE WE NEEDED HIM!  Terry Francona admitted he had no idea how Theo pulled off getting Millar there at the game – but he was sure that Millar would bring down the house!  And he did!  The fans LOVED him – we were all so glad to see him back in Boston.  #15 was home.  If only he had been wearing a Red Sox jersey.  I know that I am happy, delighted even!, when I see Youk run out each night to first base.  But there is this little voice inside of me – that at times rears its ugly head – and I hear it say – “Bring my Cowboy back!”  I know – I have to be a big girl and accept the fact that he is gone, never to return – but I can dream can’t I?  Cowboy up!
Thank you Julia that was very inspiring. What’s that? No I don’t believe Miss Heller should take off her Yankee hat with the sparkles. She gets enough attention for that on the rough streets of Santa Barbara. This place is a safe haven. Let’s move on.
I suppose it may be a bit much to finish off the Boston cheering section we have here in the room but let’s have you speak Miss. Elizabeth.
It was December 21, 2005, I was in seventh grade and absolutely in love with Johnny Damon. I loved his hair, I loved his beard, he may have been an idiot but he was my idiot! He was truly a Red Sox player, he was one of those guys I couldn’t imagine in another uniform. I thought he would never go to the Yankees! But on that day, when I heard the news… I was in absolute shock.
johhnyd.jpgIt was just a horrible feeling because he really embodied everything I thought of a Red Sox player. It wasn’t just seeing him leave, it was seeing him to go the Yankees. I was in shock, and inconsolable for days. I still miss him a lot, and it hurts when I see him in another uniform, but whenever I see those World Series highlights, and remember that time when I called his grand slam in Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS, I remember all the good times I had watching him. So even though he is on another team now, the complete opposite of the Red Sox nonetheless, I’ve been able to move on, and I know will too.
So Kaybee, the best thing you can possibly do is just remember all the good times you had with him, even if it does hurt a little bit. And since he’s not on your “arch nemesis”, you can give him a big standing ovation the next time you see him pitch! Kaybee, we’ll always be here for you!!
Thank you Elizabeth, let it out. There there. No Julia, is it not ok if she whipes her nose on Jane’s hat. Again, let’s proceed.
You mamm, are you taking notes? Yes, I understand you are a sports psychologist but this is neither the time nor the place for psycho-analyzing of your support group members. Emily please tell us your story.
In high school, I was absolutely obsessed with the Colorado Avalanche and all things hockey. It was probably near my obsession with baseball, so much so, I had, at one point, considered getting a hockey tattoo. Oh man, what a terrible idea that would have been, not that my other ideas are any more reasonable…
Anyway, my heart had a special place for Steven Reinprecht and Chris Drury, who were on the same line together and it was the freaking best line. Both of them were incredibly phenomenal players. I will never forget, I was watching my high school soccer team play… someone, I don’t remember who, and my mom called me and was like, “Chris Drury was just traded.” My best friend, who also loved the Avs (and especially Drury), and I were like “WHAT?!” My mom really doesn’t know anything about sports, so she had no idea what team he was traded to, but my roommate almost cried. When I think about it, it’s probably one of the worst trades in the history of trades, considering Drury is now the captain of the New York Rangers and the epitome of a clutch player.
chris d.jpgAnyway, a season later, I’m on the computer getting ready to surf the Avalanche site, and what do I see? Steven Reinprecht has just been traded too. GAAAAAAHHH!!! WHY?!?! Why must life be so awful?!?! Why does Pierre Lacroix hate me so much?!?! Anyway, I was quite dramatic and then I got tears in my eyes and was like, “no, no, don’t cry, just breathe.” I probably went through all the stages of grief… well, mock-type grief, I don’t know if I could call it real grief because… well, ya know, nobody died, they were traded, so… I guess that’s a bonus. Yeah… I would probably say it was better to be traded than to die. Anyway, if I remember correctly, I think my mom told me, “it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” and I was like, “mom… you just don’t understand.” So, while all loves are different, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I understand. 
Emily that’s a great outlook and good story. I’m sure Kaybee understands. Thank you.
Alright who’s next? Ah, yes Miss Jenn. No you may not tell a Chicago Cubs joke. I think we all know 100-years of losing is tradition in the wrong direction. Please proceed.


Hi, my name is Jen. And I’ve lost someone. In 2005, my love, AJ Pierzynski, came from the Giants to the White Sox. I was so happy. Once he got there, a trio was born. AJ, Joe Crede, and Aaron Rowand formed what was known as the Three Stooges in Chicago. They formed
such a close bond with each other…it was almost like they were brothers. Oh I loved watching these three goof around with each other. And they played with such heart. It was so fantastic. Through the postseason, they celebrated with each other almost
immediately. There are a lot of pictures of the three of them together, celebrating their championship. They even got Steve Perry of Journey to come out to the postseason games after adopting “Don’t Stop Believing” as the 2005 postseason anthem! How awesome is that!

Then November 23, 2005 came. THEY TOOK MY AARON! They sent him to Philly with a couple minor leaguers for Jim Thome and some money. THEY TOOK AWAY MY AARON! Oh my God I cried. Could someone please pass me some tissues? Thank you. Aaron was the most amazing center fielder who started his career here, diving in the most ridiculous
directions to catch balls, running into the outfield fence on numerous occasions. And to add to my hurting heart, Aaron is a beautiful man. They took my beautiful hard-nosed center fielder away from me, and my trio became a duo. I need more tissues please. Thank you again.
joe crede.jpg I didn’t think my hurt could get worse. Oh but it did. On October 30, 2008, my heart broke again. Joe Crede filed for free agency. MY DUO IS NOW ONLY AJ! Joe spent his entire career with the White Sox. That’s eight whole years for my Late-Inning Joe. And now he’s gone because his agent is the devil. He was my Superman, completely laying out to make catches at third. May I have some more tissues? Thank you. He hit home runs when it counted, hence the Late-Inning nickname, his last homer as a White Sox on my birthday when I was at the game. JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now he’s gone.

Oh Kaybee, I know your hurt. I’m here for you. I’m here. I will cry with you because I’ve cried before. I miss Aaron, and I’ll miss Joe. I can watch them elsewhere, but it’s not right. They’re not White Sox anymore. The same holds true with your Trevor. I’m here for you with tissues. We’re all here for you with tissues, love, and support.

Well, uhh. Thank you Jen. I hope nobody else has to use tissues as Jen has used up the rest of the box. Oh, well,  that’s very nice of you Jen. She has offered the use if anyone has to blow their nose they can use a Cubs rag she carries around for just that duty.

Mamm, yes you with the Padres hat on. Is this helping you as well? Would you like to share? Thank you Miss Hyun Young.

Kaybee, as an exact Padres fan like you, seeing Trevor Hoffman leave San Diego was the worst thing that has happened to me. I am just as upset as you are but it was time to move on.. Still can’t believe it, right? Gosh, the pathetic front office! Anyways, I couldn’t let go of it either. He has been closing for us since 1993. That’s almost 16 years. IT’S A REALLY LONG TIME. He shared laughs, moments, and histories here, in San Diego. Trevor Hoffman is going to the Hall Of Fame, as Padre. Sure he’s in Milwaukee now, but he will be our Padre, all-time saves leader, in our eyes forever. Cheer up! I know it’s still hard for you but let’s look on the bright side. He is going to be great with the Brewers and just picture him in HOF as a Padre!

That’s the spirit Hyun Young!

How about you two gentleman in the back? You have been very quiet would either one of you like to speak? No sir, I do not know what time it is in Canada right now. No I don’t believe it is hammer time or beer-thirty either. How about you speak Mr. Homer?

At the conclusion of the 2005 season the Blue Jays traded Orlando Hudson to the Diamondbacks for Troy Glaus (which later turned into Scott Rolen).  ‘The O-Dog’ was one my favorite players because of the intensity, joy and team building traits he brought to the field.

orlando hudson.jpg  You could tell the guy was a great teammate, always celebrating a win, joking with other players and really getting into the competitive aspects of the game (at least in his interviews it showed that).   The Jays lacked hitting in those years, so we picked up Glaus.  Nagged by injuries, Troy didn’t perform the way we expected him to.  Through this time, I got to watch ‘the O-Dog’ hit close to .300 every year for the D-Backs, and make the ‘highlight reel’ defensive plays at second base always see him do on a consistant basis.  Now that Hudson is a free agent, the Jays don’t really have a need for him unless Aaron Hill falters.  It was hard to let go of the O-Dog, but you often have to try and give something to get something.  It didn’t really work out well for the Jays in this case.  I would have rather we kept Hudson and had Aaron Hill compete at his natural position of shortstop.  ‘Hindsight is always 20-20 however.’

Very precise and I can see you are hurting. Cough Cough..

Ok. You sir in the bright yellow shirt. You seem very festive and in an upbeat mood and the perfect person to finish off our support group today. Mr. Happy is it? What would you like to say to Kaybee?


Jaha and Yohanek (not exactly a law firm) have met several times over the years, with each meeting solidifying a relationship that has gone a bit beyond that of the traditional fan/athlete.



Mr Yohanek,we can hear you just fine but thank you for your exuberance. Please continue..preferably in a softer tone.

Every boy growing up as a baseball fan dreams of making it to the big leagues.  The reality is that few will ever reach that plateau.  Collecting John Jaha memorabilia is the closest I will ever come to that dream, and that is very special to me.  It is truly a wonderful feeling holding something in your hand that was worn in a game by a professional athlete.

john jaha.jpgHomage was paid to the player (John Jaha) by my Wisconsin license plate…JAHA FAN…this shows everybody that I am a John Jaha fan and proud of it.  My devotion to him as a player and as a person is unparalleled.

I’ve met Jaha on numerous occasions.  He used to recognize me in a crowd.  That recognition means a lot to me and shows that John appreciates his fans and that a little of the devotion I have shown him over the years is being delivered back to me. 

One particular meeting between him and I stands out.  It was in 1998, Jaha’s last season with the Brewers.  It was near the end of the season and he was trying to bounce back from a bad ankle injury.  Injuries had plagued him much of that season and it was hindering his confidence.  I approached J.J. before a game and asked, “How are you doing Johnny?”  His reply was, “I’m fine, but they just don’t want me anymore.”  I stood there for a moment speechless, trying to make sense of what was happening.  My favorite ballplayer had just told me his team had lost confidence in his playing ability.

I then gave him a pep talk…I told him that he should keep his head up and that he would get back to where he was a few years before. 

That was the last time I saw Jaha as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers.

A few weeks later, it became official when the Brewers declined to offer Jaha a contract for the 1999 season and he became a free agent.  The Brewers felt his injury problems were too much of a gamble and that it wasn’t worth the risk.

Six months later, the Oakland A’s signed Jaha to a one-year contract. 
Jaha went on to have the best season of his career by winning Comeback Player of the Year honors-hitting .276 with 35 home runs (career high) and 111 Runs Batted In. 

Jaha got the last laugh…

Moral of the story:
  Even when you know someone close to you is leaving-support them in their future endeavors and wish them great success.  In this case of John Jaha, it was the Milwaukee Brewers who decided they didn’t want him, not Jaha.  He wanted to stay in Milwaukee.

Here’s to Trevor Hoffman getting 600 saves in a Brewers uniform!
Cheer him on!

WEll, thank you “Happy” aka Nick Yohanek for that spirited tale of loss and redemption. Very moving.

Thank you all for coming today. No for heavens sake Julia, Jane does not have to be the last person to leave the room because she has on a Yankee cap. Next session we will tackle rivalries and destroying lives when you can’t let go. And no there will be neither Yankee nor Sox gear worn in the room! That concludes the first ever MLBlog’s support group and Kaybee hoping it helped!

If anyone else has a story they would like to share with Kaybee and the “group” please do.


Programming note: Tomorrow will bring another Timeout at the plate where we look to the tropics for some northern baseball love.




Timeout at the plate #2

Day 7

timeoutattheplate_copy.jpgWelcome back to the Timeout at the plate series and a look at a blog that comes from out west in the great United States. Pulling no punches in the critique of “her” team, this writer calls it like she sees it and doesn’t mind calling it real bad if she thinks it’s real bad…

In case you were asleep in history class or wandering eyes were on the cute blonde or dreamy eyed beefcake you may have forgotten the Spanish began to create the first missions in the San Diego area in the early 1770’s. Those missions were run by fathers or friars called “Padres,” hence the name San Diego Padres if you never caught the reason behind that. Just saying… San Diego translated is the name of a Spanish Saint Didacus of Alcala. 

So it’s somewhat fitting that teenage writer and student “Kaybee” as the autuserpic-68421-250x250.pnghor of Unfinished Business http://kaybee.mlblogs.com quotes a biblical line from Corinthians in her blogs header and sometimes her unabashed critique of the Padres can seem like fire and brimstone.

Like other one name celebrities Madonna or Prince, Kaybee  needs only one name and MLBlogs to make her point on the Padres. The title “Unfinished Business” comes from a quote from Padres general manger Kevin Towers after the 2007 season when the Padres fell in a heartbreaker in game 163 to the record setting Rockies. Kaybee has questioned changing her title but she hasn’t because the Padres still have that business to take care of… winning a World Series. 

So expect more straight up commentary and strong opinions this year, especially if Trevor Hoffman goes bye bye, yikes!

Kaybee first please explain the idea behind the name Kaybee!
Well, my mom actually suggested it. My initials are KB, so “kaybee” is my initials spelled out. (Don’t act like you didn’t want to know)

On your front page of Unfinished Business you reference Corinthians in your header. What significance does it represent to you having it there?
I’m a Christian. I have had problems with being too obsessed with the Padres, but that verse reminds me that sports aren’t everything. Winning the big championships is one of the most important things in sports. But just look at the players who have won the World Series or the Superbowl. Everyone’s super excited and happy for a while, but then it just fades away. Trophies collect dust. The fans turn to the next season, wondering what the team will do next. I really want the Padres to win the World Series someday, but I know I won’t be happy for the rest of my life when they do. I’ll always feel like there’s something more. This verse also encourages me to look ahead, to see that I am living for a huge gift, the gift of eternal life. I’m living for a crown that will last forever! 

You have written a great post on what maybe it meant to be a true fan. Do you think you now know what it means to be a true fan and what all it entails?

Yes, the response I got on that entry was incredible. We’ve got a great group of TRUE fans here at MLBLOGS!! Being a true fan is cheering for your team no matter what, especially when they aren’t doing well. It’s not easy, but you stick by them. Being a true fan doesn’t mean having season tickets and going to the ballpark all the time, but by following them in any and every way you can. Being a true fan is enjoying baseball, no matter what the score is.   

What would you like to achieve in your writing about the Padres on MLBlogs?

Well, I would like to cover the Padres in a reporting job someday, so this has been great practice. I just want to put my opinion on the Padres out there (and I’m not afraid to criticize them if they aren’t doing well), and give my readers something to enjoy and maybe even laugh at. San Diego has a good little team here, and I don’t want them to get pushed into a corner.

What does having MLBlogs mean to you?
This place has been an incredible blessing. Before I joined in June, I didn’t have anyone to talk baseball with. Coming here, I have a place to rant about my Padres when they are doing bad, and praise them when they are doing well. Best of all, I can interact with baseball fans all over the world! It has been so neat to tease other fans when our teams are playing each other, or to support each other when things aren’t going well. Without this blogosphere, I would probably be depressed!  (I think I would be depressed too..)
The Padres have had an up and down time in the NL west the last few seasons. What would you tell a first time visitor to your blog about the Padres and their future?
The Padres are a sad, frustrating team that has never won a World Series. They trade away very good players, and their payroll is ridiculously low. Plus they make very bad first round draft picks. But they have a beautiful ballpark in downtown San Diego, and they are able to give you good baseball once in a while. Hopefully, we will get a new owner before the season starts. This year we will have a fairly young team. The top guys from our system are making their way up. I’m hoping that they can get a decent season under their belts this year. In a few years, I hope to have a championship-caliber team here in San Diego. It’s very possible in this strange NL West. I think we can be a very good team in the near future. 
Lastly, where would you like to be as a person and a Padre fan at the end of 2009?
I would like to get my priorities straight. Sometimes we get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget what’s really important. Sometimes, baseball needs to be put on the back burner if it means spending time with someone who’s hurting, or just taking the time to pray. I’m going to be pretty busy this year, with lots of new responsibilities, but I want to make sure I stay in touch with my friends, keep listening to baseball, and spend time with my family. As a Padres fan, I want to be as involved as I can, but keeping it in perspective. I’m really excited about blogging on the Padres this year. It will be a lot of fun.
So there you have it folks, if you didn’t know then you know now! Timeout at the plate #2 is a wrap. Thanks for reading and see you next series!