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I love Milwaukee!!

Day 161


That’s number 7! Yep. I cannot say it any better than that. The Rockies are on fire and I don’t see a water hose anywhere in sight. Winning back to back series, who knows where this train is going to end.

So needless to say I love Milwaukee!

My friend and I sat next to some very cool but intense Brewer fans. They were great for all kinds of information and they even clued me in on who this guy is still coming in to close games playing “Hells Bells.” I wouldn’t get to see him these first two games and although I’d like to see how crazy the crowd supposedly gets when he comes in, if he doesn’t we have a lead going into the ninth and I like it that way.



     Trevor Hoffman by Tom Walsh

Scoreboard baby scoreboard


DSCN0270.JPGAfter the game we had gotten the word on a place to check out. I’m always up for an adventure and sure enough we would find one of the coolest bars ever. So cool even some scenes from Major Leagues had been filmed there. Being the nerd I am, I had to ask the waitress to take the photos recreating them. What a blast.




majorleague.JPGIt was 1989 when it was filmed so some things had changed, but the bar was still pretty much the same as the movie.


DSCN0286.JPGThe waitress was very cool and even enlisted another one for a “stand in” role.


majorleague2.JPGSo I’m not sure what statue makers are thinking these days and I came across a staute of the “fonze.” It was pretty terrible so I had to give it the thumbs down.


DSCN0307.JPGWell, the day grows longer and I am off to track down some Laverne and Shirley. Milwaukee has far too much to see before another night game.