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A Picture(s) Worth a Thousand Words

Day 129


If you are a Rockies fan, lately you know how the team has been doing. Although there are some bright spots, there’s a lot of at bats like these. Watch the ball and batters eyes in each of these plays. It says everything of late.



     Dexter Fowler by Tom Walsh

That’s a strike that blew by. And some more like these.


      Ryan Spilborghs by Tom Walsh

More of the same. Low balls being swung on equals no offense.



     Ian Stewart by Tom Walsh

Strikes right down the middle too.



     Dexter Fowler by Tom Walsh

No hits, no runs to back up pitching that’s not been top notch the last two games.



              Jason Marquis by Tom Walsh

Bad outings leads to moments like this.



     Jason Marquis end of day by Tom Walsh



     Ian Stewart by Tom Walsh

And having 2 errors and a total of four really poor plays at third that let runs score, can make for loneliness in the infield.

Somebody has to break the streak and start scoring runs and lasting through the 5th inning and 86 pitches.

When Did Kelly from The Bad News Bears make the Pros?



     Tim Lincecum by Tom Walsh

Tim Lincecum looks like he should be pitching in high school. I will say the guy seems like the coolest person he could be. After workouts, he made it a point to sign every autograph and take pictures with fans who were waiting for him.



     Tim Lincecum by Tom Walsh

I hope to see him at work on the mound soon and it will be interesting to see how his career turns out.


TimLincecum1byTomWalsh.JPGUntil then I’ll still crack up how small and young this guys looks but what devastation he can bring to opposing hitters. You really have to see this kid in real life to see what I mean.