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Remember That Photo I Told You About? And Faces of the Minors..

Day 123


Sorry for the delay in posts. It’s been… a weekend.

So, remember that photo I told you about, that I couldn’t post because movable type was punking me and I was pictureless for that stretch? No, you don’t remember? The one I said was a “keepable” and when I had a wall of my own I was going to hang it on. That one?

Okay, well if you don’t I won’t hold it against you. It’s a picture, a favorite of mine, of the Rockies top prospect in the Minors now and it’s his third stolen base in Triple-A ball. Well, today that picture got a little better.

If you have ever read anything about my blog and what I feel about autographs. you know that I have a memory behind every autograph I’ve ever gotten. They mean something to me. Each one is a moment in time and I’m not some collector that jams up a player for an unlimited number of autographs to sell. So here it is. Here’s the photo of Eric Young Jr. and I explained to him when I took it and what it was. He was happy to sign it and I think liked it as he took a moment to examine it.


     Eric Young Jr. by Tom Walsh

So eventhough that is a picture of a picture and not completely the best “copy” here, is it what I described? I know I am biased, but it truly is one of my favorite sports photos. The greatest thing about it is it’s the only one in existence. That’s what I mean about my autographs. They are all special and this one is no different. It’s my photo and memory and I know everything about it. Who, what when where and why.

Today, I wanted to catch some baseball because the last few days have been rainy and soggy and today’s forecast had some rain but called for sunshines. Hallejulah sunshine!

I met up with a friend Brian, a former high school pitcher who is proud to say Chase Headley of the Padres went o-fer against him in high school in Colorado Springs.. A suprise came in the first game of a double-header when who do I spot in the crowd, but Don of Rockpile Rant and his son taking in some sunshine and a ball game. I guess great minds think alike! Don’s son was proud to exclaim he had gotten two balls from ballplayers. This where I put in the apple falling too far from the tree bit?!

Faces of the minors…

On the mound for the make-up game was a Rockies familiar face Jason Hirsh. Other than giving up a two run bomb he seemed pretty solid on the mound. I didn’t have much negative to say on his day out.

JasonHrisch1byTomWalsh.JPG      Jason Hirsh by Tom Walsh

I did like his attitude though when I was taking his picture and he completely went with it. Thanks Jason. You had me laughing and were a good sport He is one of the faces of the minors and I hope you enjoy laughing with them as much as I had taking them


      Jason Hirsh “serious” by Tom Walsh

Okay Jason now give me serious.but aware. Work with me..

JasonHirsch1byTomWalsh.JPG     Jason Hirsh “playful” by Tom Walsh.

Okay now give me playful. Good, roll with it,,,good.


              Jason Hirsh “happy” by Tom Walsh

Something to that Samson story…?

Do you recognize this guy?



     Sal Fasano by Tom Walsh

If you don’t, it’s because he used to look like this. As a matter of fact it’s basically his trademark

salfasanohandlebars.jpg“You saw her bathing on the roof. Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya. She tied you to her kitchen chair and she broke your throne and cut your hair and from your lips you drew a hallelujah.”

Like Samson, Sal because of SkySox clubhouse facial hair rules, is a seeminlgy weak soul void of all his powers. His at-bats look like this.



     Sal Fasano by Tom Walsh

Hang in there Sal.



     Sal Fasano by Tom Walsh

Everybody has a day like that…