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I Don’t Care Who You Are. I Always Root for the Home Team. Rockies Touch up a Legend in Johnson for Blowout Win

Day 127


I should have known yesterday walking into Coors that someone in purple would comment on how they would like to see Randy Johnson win at Coors, lock up some history and get closer to becoming a 300 winner.

Sorry, but not in our house.

Don’t get me wrong, As the usher taking my ticket, started to chat with me about how he wanted to see Johnson win, I wasn’t mad at him. I like Johnson and I think he has been a great part of the game his whole career. The guy is money and he’ll get his wins-just not at Coors.

There’s a reason I took a ton of photos of the man. He’s living history and deservingly so.



                           Randy Johnson by Tom Walsh


RandyJohnsontiltbyTomWalsh.JPG     Randy Johnson by Tom Walsh 


     Randy Johnson by Tom Walsh

There was another pitcher on the mound too I feel I am watching the first years of his living history career.



     Ubaldo Jimenez by Tom Walsh

He’s young and if he can consistently keep command of his fastball, I can’t wait to see how far he goes.



                Ubaldo Jimenez by Tom Walsh

Ubaldo was incredible last night, and other than a charged run that came when he left the mound, he pitched 7 scoreless innings.



     Ubaldo Jimenez by Tom Walsh

When he is on, there is nothing prettier and although it was minor, I can’t say I wasn’t excited when he had a no-no going through four. I know it’s only four innings but that’s how it starts.

Speaking of starts, I have to now cut this post short to make it to the day game starting shortly. I have a ton of picts from this game and I’m sure I’ll get more at today’s so with enough time I’ll be sure to get some more out.