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Day 90

Ok, so my head still feels like Mike Tyson had a sparring session at my expense. The rest of my body feels better and my spirit is super high today.This is because the numbers in my title say it all.

Lock combination? Julian date? Historical reference? Nope, none of the above.

What they are, is the exact section, row and seat at Chase Field I will be sitting in for opening day baseball and the first game of the season for the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks.

chase field.gif

I’m sure some people would find reason to complain about nose bleed seats or how it’s not enjoyable. Not this guy though. I couldn’t be happier. Sit me next to a trash can in the outfield I could care less! It’s baseball.Sitting behind homeplate in the upper deck is, for me, the best seat in the house.

Two words- opening day! Everybody is 0-0 and by the end of the day someone is a winner and there is a loser. Go team go and can one win turn into two and three and into a season with playoffs and the World Series?!

Yes, I will be in the heart of the enemy in Arizona and unfriendly confines but this makes me all the happier to root for the Rockies. I will be back in Colorado to take in the home opener for  the Rockies that Friday, but the first game of the year can never be duplicated and I get a little happier every day it grows closer.

So, today as I pull myself off the couch and hope to feel better by the weekend, I keep thinking about 316-28-30 and smile. Patience.