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Out With The Old – Sadly In With The New

Day 62


The 2009 season holds some new venues for fans in New York. Multi-million dollar facilities like Citi-Field and the New Yankee Stadium boast newer luxury suites and nicer amenities. They come with more elevators and fancier rotundas that look to replicate older style stadiums. Yet, older style stadiums oddly enough are no longer enough.

Whether it’s not enough room in the public concourse or seating that’s considered too tight, these new stadiums aim to please and bring in the fan base. 

I am saddened by the loss of older stadiums with a great deal of history and tradition behind them. Day by day it seems likely the Rockies will be leaving the Tucson spring training facility they have called home since their inception in 1993.

Hi-Corbett Field is a smaller field that holds 9,500 fans and first opened in 1937. It was remodeled once and renovated three times. Its charm is pretty evident as every seat is a good seat.


DSC03690.JPGThere are no cup holders and many of the seats along the baseline are metal benches that can get pretty toasty in the Arizona spring. For me this is the charm. It is about the baseball being played not overdoing the items in the ballpark. Don’t like the lack of shade bring sunblock.

If you’ve ever watched the classic comedy Major League you will recognize Hi-Corbett. It was also home to the Cleveland Indians from 1945-1992. The Rockies took over in ’93, but more and more teams have been shifting to the greater Phoenix area to set up their long term spring training needs.

The great exodus from Tucson has been working its way towards the Rockies organization for the past couple seasons. The White Sox left Tucson this year and the Diamondbacks and Rockies are the two left standing.

The Rockies were reported to have asked for their Tucson digs to get some improvements. The Pima County voters and Arizona legislators would have had to approve such a request. It doesn’t look like this economy will really be good for getting some new improvements out of taxpayers.

The Rockies have a contract through with Tucson 2011 but have a neat little clause that lets them out of the contract if less than three teams are left in Tucson. 

Just a hunch but I see my destination next year being Phoenix, so I’ll be sure to take in the history of an old friend Hi-Corbett at least one more year.