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Let It Be Told I Will Beat This Cold

Day 89


Of course this is what would happen. A week before opening day when I am supposed to be rolling down the highway in the Rockies Roadster to Phoenix, I am almost on the DL nursing the nastiest cold in recent history. NO, today wasn’t important or anything. I didn’t need to work on the car or get some provisions. No, I had planned on staying on the couch under the comforter the whole day. I know I look like this.

cold flu.jpg

               I think I am doing enough drugs to be this guy. Say hello to my little friend.


I’m not sure it’s bad enough to be taken out and shot like this guy. But it sure feels like it.


Sorry if I ruined the Old Yeller ending for any of those who have not seen it. You’re probably better off because that is a sick sick movie and I never should have watched it when I was eight. What kind of movie has a boy shooting his dog? Not right I tell ya.

But I know I will be hanging out with these guys all day and night. I think they are filming a commercial as I type but I don’t have the energy to go out and buy their nemesis.
mucus2.jpgThey better be happy I don’t get the enemy and sleep a quiet night. Here’s my one drug company plug ever. Enjoy it because it will be my last!



BUT, since I am feeling crappy now anyway, I might as well say my goodbyes to one Mr. Joe Koshansky formerly of the Colorado Rockies. He was picked up by the Rangers from outright waivers and will hopefully get some playing time down in Texas.

Koshansky.jpg I liked Joe. He was a solid player but just was caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Rockies farm team has been cranking out some solid players for a few years now and it did not seem Koshansky would be getting any playing time behind Todd Helton.

You Rangers fans are getting a solid player who just needed to break into the bigs with another team. I’m sure with the right amount of playing time he will be a great asset.

It was nice knowing ya Joe..

Well I am off to my dream time again to get in some quality sleep time. No taking tomorrow off in the getting ready of the Rockies Roadster and making sure Phoenix goes as smooth as possible. I will dream of W’s and warm weather with the smell of ballpark food and the murmor of a summer crowd.


Photo credit- Fox news


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