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Day 2…Now What?!!!

Day 57


Feel better?

Got that first game out of the way and heard some familiar names from the boys of summer.

Stomach settled a bit and the tension and anxiety for the start of the season died down a bit.

Feel better?

smiley face.jpg Me too.

Now What?!!

So starts the second day of spring ball and my Rockies are getting ready to play the White Sox of Chicago.


COLORADO_ROCKIES_.jpgThey’ll get in some stretching and some batting
white-sox-logo.jpgpractice. They play nine innings of baseball and call it a day, to do it all over again tomorrow.

We the fans will go about our daily lives until the boys are back in home stadiums across the nation playing before our very eyes for an entire summer.

Maybe we travel to warmer destinations to catch a glimpse or just click on the computer to read about it. Dust off the newspaper outside and open it to the sports section to see what the boxscore reads.

Deep breathes as we understand it’s not a quick process but a long spring and summer of America’s game.

coorsnitebday.JPGDeep breathes.

breathe.jpgDeep breathes as I realize tomorrow is my birthday and time is flying before I can realize it’s gone!

So excuse me as I take another deep breath, sigh and go listen to the game…


Photo credit: Coors Field Tom Walsh

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