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With Three Wins-Someone To Believe In

Day 118


First and foremost I want to send a shot out to get well to Rockies RF Brad Hawpe, who took a ball to the neck in last nights game. It was a freak play where no ill will was intended and a ball from Padre catcher Nick Hundley thrown to second base hit him. He’s expected to fully recover and even play tonight, but I’ve taken a ball to the head and I know how it hurts! Onto regular scheduled programming..


It happened in 2007.

Aaron Cook was supposed to be the rock of the Rockies pitching staff. Coming off a good 2006, everyone thought it would naturally carry over to 2007. Not so much. Jeff Francis would step up and be that guy in ’07.

In 2008, after coming close to winning 20 games and tying the season record for wins with the Rockies in ’07, Jeff Francis faltered from injury. He was supposed to be the rock, but came up short. Aaron Cook would step up and everytime he took the mound, no matter how bad the losing streak, the Rockies felt like they had a chance to win in ’08.

So naturally, 2009 people would think Cook is going to be the rock. Mediocre outings and some bad outings have left that door wide open. Too early in the season to say he won’t, but I’m not thinking the guy is going to get to the 20 win mark. Jeff Francis is out for likely the whole season and in steps this guy…the lone wolf


                  Jason Marquis by Tom Walsh

With three wins already in the season, Jason Marquis has been a bright spot in an often shady pitching staff for the Rockies.

He’s scrappy, he’s tough and he’s a baseball player. I even like to say he’s a batter who happens to pitch. He’s batting .500 in his eight at bats. He’s helped his cause when he could, driving in 3 RBIs. The guy just plain does it all.

Last night, in a route of the San Diego Padres, Marquis was called on to pitch run after the injury to Brad Hawpe at second base.


                  Jason Marquis by Tom Walsh

How can you not love a guy who’s willing to do it all? He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite Rockies players if not for anything but his love of the game. A competitor in every aspect, it doesn’t hurt he and I are from the same area in NY either!

In the same route of San Diego last night, another bright spot and newbie to the bigs, Dexter Fowler tied the team record for steals in a game with five. He also set the record for steals by a rookie. Way to go Dex.


                  Dexter Fowler by Tom Walsh