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Timeout at the plate #10

Day 64


Today for the Timeout series I asked you the reader to suggest a blog to highlight and learn more about. There were great suggestions but ultimately I decided on a blog that was looking to grow and find an audience over say a well-read established blog. Today is also going to be different in the writer of this blog is not Tom Walsh Rocky Mountain Way, but the lovely and talented Elizabeth Dreeson of The Future Blog of the Red Sox. I asked Elizabeth if she would like to be a guest writer for Timeout now and in some future episodes interviewing the youth of the blogosphere. She is an inspiring writer and I thought it would give her great experience in formulating thought provoking questions for any career path in writing. Without further ado I give you the tenth edition.

For those of you that have moved before, you can attest to the fact that it’s hard. It’s hard starting over… making new friends, trying to get involved in the community… it’s different. How many of you can say that you have moved to another country? That’s even harder than moving to another state or city, you have to adapt to an entirely different culture!

 One of our own here on the blogosphere has gone through this experience,
hyun young.pngand she is happy to share with us what that was like. Her name is Hyun Young Oh, and she is a 14-year-old soon to be freshman blogging about her San Diego Padres over at
Made in San Diego. She moved from Seoul, South Korea to San Diego just a couple of years ago.

 What better way is there to adapt to American culture than to pick up baseball, America’s most beloved sport? Well, Hyun Young loves baseball and the Padres so much, that she plans on being a reporter for them. And what better way to practice than writing everyday? How many of you can honestly say that you take notes on games almost every single day like Hyun Young does? In this Timeout, you will find out how hard Hyun Young had to work to just learn about baseball, and what it was about baseball that made her want to stick with it.

 You’ve shared with us that you moved to the United States from Korea. Do you think baseball has helped you assimilate into the American culture? 


It helped me! Baseball is number one sport in America (Well, for me). I thought that if I get into that or any other interests, I would be “Americanized” You know, getting along with American people too. Besides baseball, I enjoy fashion industries as well. I can be girly sometimes and wear heels to school! What can I say, I’m really weird to describe since I enjoy reading and photography as well. But I really think baseball helped me assimilate into the American culture the most. Having all those interests and American life with me, I’m starting to lose my Korean culture a little bit everyday. Yeah, that’s bad!


What exactly was it about baseball that enticed you in the first place? Can you describe your first game? 


Ah, my first game. It was on 2005. Still slow on English back then, my brother LOVED the Padres so my dad decided to take me and him to the ballpark. My brother was pretty fast so he learned baseball quickly. I refused to go because I didn’t know anything about baseball and I thought I would be humiliated if I go to a game not knowing the rules. My dad and brother dragged me along though. At the game, I was on my own world, not focusing on the game. I just stared at the clock, thinking about going home. When I think about that day, I really regret for doing that! My dad just took me there to have a good time and learn about a new sport. He’s not a baseball fan so it was really strange of him to do this for me. He even got pretty good seats for us! Today, I still thank my dad for taking me to a ballgame.


You have mentioned that you barely knew English when you were first learning about baseball. In fact, you had to look up 250 words to be able to understand it. That must have been hard. Can you tell us what made you want to follow baseball as opposed to other sports? 


That happened a few months later after my very first game. I turned on the television one day and Padres baseball was on. When I was watching that, I was thinking about the first game. How I refused to watch the team play and baseball in general. Man, I feel stupid for not focusing on that game! So I really thought about this; if I should become a baseball fan. I committed, “OK. Starting from today, I’m going to learn about baseball and become a Padres fan.” After I said that, I typed the word “baseball” on Google and clicked on the first page. Bunch of words I didn’t know back than came out. So that’s when the 250 words began. I chose to do baseball because it’s the very first sport that I started watching. If it was football, I don’t know what I would be doing right now. To be honest, I don’t really like football. For me, it’s just people running, crashing into each other and scoring some points. Today though, I have a little tiny bit of interest of football.



 Did you ever follow baseball in Korea? Now that you love baseball, do you follow Korean teams, and will you be following or rooting for them in the World Baseball Classic? 


You know what, I never did. Strange. But since Korea won gold medal at the Olympics last year, I was really amazed that they represented my country to the entire world. Since Korea is my country, I don’t know which team to root for in the World Baseball Classic! I mean, I both LOVE team USA and Korea. It’s difficult for me to choose the team right now at this particular moment. I have to think more about this. But I would love to see USA and Korea at the finals, facing each other!


You have mentioned that your friends and family don’t really like the Padres, or baseball itself. Do you have any other way of talking about baseball other than the blogosphere? What exactly does this blogosphere mean and do for you? 


Of course I do! Obviously, I do talk baseball in blogosphere. I really enjoy talking about my team with others who are passionate baseball fans. So the other way I talk about baseball is to myself and no one else. What I mean by that is I keep a “Padres journal” It has everything about my team. I try to write on that journal everyday, but it’s kind of hard. If anyone even touches it, I would be mad! I write about the players, team news, how I really miss Trevor Hoffman, game summaries, etc. When I can’t watch the games on TV, I always turn on my radio and listen to the broadcast. So that’s like my back up plan. I even take notes! For example, I draw a quick sketch of a diamond, and write the players’ names on their positions. When someone gets a hit, I write 1B, 2B, 3B or HR next another list of the lineup I wrote on the other side of my journal. It helps me keep track of the game and don’t get confused! As for blogosphere, it’s my home of baseball and “electric journal”. It’s also a place I can talk and share about the Padres. I’m really glad I joined blogosphere.


You’ve said that you would like to work for the Padres one day. What exactly do you want to do for them? 


I would love to work for the Padres. That’s going to be my career. I’m going to be a reporter for them when I grow up. It’s even better if I work with them now so I won’t have to go to school everyday and learn about algebra! I really want Cory Brock’s job. Currently, he covers for the Padres. That’s a really cool job. Right now, I do have a bunch of work to become the reporter. People around blogosphere said that I am doing a good job right now. I really appreciate for the kind words but I do need to step it up and be prepared. Writing on the blog for me is a really good practice. My writing even improved! After this step, I’m onto covering for the Padres.



You’ve said that you’re nervous about going into high school. Do you think that is your biggest challenge, or is there something else? 


Absolutely. In fact, I will be a freshman this July! It will be very difficult for me with tests, thick textbooks with small letters, presentations, essays… Wow. I can already imagine my life in high school. Any advice about high school would be GREAT! Right now. This is the biggest challenge for me. But later, there’s going to be another challenge waiting for me and that’s when I’m going to get prepared to cover for the Padres!


The Padres may not be the team of the present, but in your opinion, what is in store for their future? Give us your diagnosis. 

 Padres are still a young team, only 40 years old. That’s nothing compared to teams like the Red Sox or the Yankees. Padres have ups and downs and yet I still believe in them all the time. That’s because I don’t give up on my team. EVER! They are still developing, with young guys with great talents. But that’s Padres baseball, the way it’s supposed to be. In the future, I can see them with World Series Rings for 3 straight seasons! It’s possible. Hey, a girl can dream 🙂

So there you have it folks the tenth edition is in the books. Thanks again to Elizabeth for her great questions and taking on a role here at the Timeout offices! For future programming I am working on a very special Timeout which will also be the first of its kind and hopefully not the only. If all goes well it will be out next week.