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Dominica Falls as Ubaldo Balls…Rockies Good Guy Gets Props

Day 70


You read it here. Ubaldo Jimenez is a pitcher with whom good things couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Everyone is talking about the Cinderellas of the World Baseball Classic. The Netherlands over took the amazing Dominican Republic to advance. What I hope most people don’t lose sight of is Dominican and Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez set a record for strikeouts with 10 in his four innings during that game. It went 11 innings and Ubaldo will be coming to Arizona because of the Dominican Republics elimination. But he can come holding his head high.


ubaldo.jpgI told you he had silly stuff, I said he was a grounded and great young talent for the Rockies. I told you I saw him throw a fastball 102 mph. Now the world got to see the reason why the Rockies locked down Ubaldo with a four year contract.

Props goes to the Netherlands for doing what had to be done. They overcame immense odds and a team that outstacked them in talent at pretty much every position. The underdogs did what most thought was unthinkable. But for 65 pitches they didn’t do it against Ubaldo Jimenez. 

Does this mean he is the man who will be the first to win 20 games for the Rockies organization? No. Would I like to see him be the first? Yes. Do I hope that every game I manage to see this summer is majority Ubaldo on the mound? Most definitely.

Ubaldo balls as Dominica falls but  in this man’s eyes the Rockies will rise because of him. I’m sure the coaches in Arizona will monitor his arm like it’s golden and not overworked and they should. Don’t be worried though Rockies faithful because I think this mans arm has not yet begun to wreck havoc on the NL West and the rest of baseball. The Netherlands pitching clinic was like a nice appetizer at Red Lobster. April will serve up the main entree. Patience…


Photo credit: Andres Leighton (AP)