Down but not out…outside Coors and still looking in…and 27th?

Day 189


So much for a poignant well written come back letter…maybe I was never gone, but movable type decided it wanted to sign me out and when I signed back in I had two letters of an at least 700 word blog. Ah the universe.So here’s the leftovers..just kidding.

Hello each and all and welcome to another addition of Rocky Mountain Way. As you can see from the header, I am still outside Coors looking in. Maybe someday I can score a janitor’s key or something, but for now it’s just the little ‘ol me wishing and waiting on a dream.

Where to begin? What’s it been like a week or something? I’m sure some would surmise of my demise, but alas I am still here. Hmm with that sentence maybe I should go seek a job at the local renaissance fair. C’mon you know you all knock it until you go and find yourself being one of the geeks telling yourself next year you’re going to put aside some cash to score a cool costume like everyone else. C’mon we’re all friends here.

Trying to get back into the swing of things and needing baseball like a junkie needs a fix, I find myself trying to track down where exactly everything is. Just then,like the forever thoughtful MLBlogger she is, Julia stopped in to say she missed me and by the way I was 27 in the lastest rankings. 27? I’m sure with my absence I’ll be 72 come next time. But for now I am 27 and the spirit of Mr. Jimmy C who came up with a cool idea seemingly a long time ago, I am going to dedicate this blog to the man known as #27 Garrett Atkins.



     Garrett Atkins by Tom Walsh

Travelling across America and putting 10,000 miles on the Rockies Roadster I got to know a little better the man known as Garrett Atkins. I’m not saying we became friends or anything, but I got to see him outside Coors and even had a few exchanges with him that had me thinking a great deal about the guy.

I remember an usher in Houston walking over to Garret while he was warming up and saying something softly to him. Moments later Atkins would come running over to a little boy at the wall where a proud papa would blurt out before he could even reach it, “his name is Garrett Atkins too.” Atkins would smile and say “I heard.” Signing the little boys gear, it was clear he cared and whether it was a fluke or a on purpose this kid was named after him he, wanted to acknowledge it.



     Garrett Atkins by Tom Walsh

At that same moment I reminded him he had signed my team ball and to not make me out to be a liar because I had promised him it was a slump buster in Atlanta. He laughed and said, “It’s gotta turn sometime.”

Fittingly enough, I think of that line a lot these days. When everything seems to be in a slump for me, I think back to that moment and say to myself, it’s gotta turn sometime.

Later that night, I think I was proud as any fan could be in Houston when Atkins hit back to back homeruns in the game. Minute Maid park has very little foul territory along the walls and I was sitting literally in the front row yelling, “It’s gotta turn sometime” as he rounded third base. Third base seemed so close and I hoped he could hear me. I was happy for the guy. That game wouldn’t get him out of his slump, but it was a nice start.

It hit me hard as I was on that road trip and I heard rumors of the Rockies looking to trade Atkins. Since 2005 where he had been stationed over at third base, I watched a rising star come up in the organization. Now, I had talked to a Rockies insider and heard they had been trying to trade him the entire off season. I know baseball is a what have you done for me lately game, but I was sad to hear the front office thought there was a better third baseman lying around.

I don’t play fantasy baseball but I’m sure Garrett has been taken off a few teams this year. Hitting .225 in 227 at bats this season, his future is uncertain. Young Ian Stewart has taken over third base and Atkins plays sparingly. Everything I’ve heard says he is completely professional in his situation and still a great team player. I wouldn’t have guessed anything else.


Garrett third byTomWalsh.JPG

     Garrett Atkins by Tom Walsh

One thing I know for certain, Garrett and I, ironically enough, are stuck in similar places in different situations in our life. We are both talented and in a “slump” if you will, so it’s fitting I get to dedicate my number 27  ranking to a class act in the Rockies organization. We both know too, it’s gotta turn sometime.


  1. juliasrants

    Tom – WELCOME BACK!!!!! And yes – I missed you! Great dedication blog and I’m glad that you will be back to blogging; I missed reading your blogs my friend! And hey – remember that “slump” Big Papi was in? Three-run homer tonight! Remember – this too shall pass!


  2. Kylie

    Thanks for bringing that Garrett story up, it made me smile. It was seriously the cutest thing ever–were you there when Huston picked those kids up and plopped them on the field and asked, “So this is a pretty cool field, huh?”
    Just like things are turning for you, things are turning for me too. Your constant optimism brought an end to my constant pessimism–at least, as much as is possible.
    This was certainly more poignant than anything I’ve written lately!
    My sister used to be a beer wench at the renaissance faire. I have a princess hat.
    Kylie —

  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Julia’s not the only one who missed you! You have no idea how happy I was to see a new entry. πŸ™‚ I love that Atkins signed for that little boy. More athletes need to be like that: eager to sign. I hope things go well for him since he sounds like a really nice guy, and it’s obvious he has fans that love him. It’ll turn for him and for you. I know that much.

  4. raysfanboy

    I have always thought Atkins was one of the good ones. One of the most underrated ones too. The fact that a guy can easily put up .300/30/100 and not be noticed much around the league is a shame.

    Nice that you brought him to everybody’s attention.
    Up until recently I would have disagreed with you about the Rays’ starting pitching being a problem. But…I have changed my mind.

    Kazmir has disappointed, Price is still a work in progress, and Sonnanstine is gone.

    Yet they are still in shouting distance of the vaunted Red Sox.

    Hey, maybe we can sign a little-known pitcher named Roy Halladay to help out!

  5. raysfanboy

    Please forgive the last post. My brain went kablooey and I copied something else I was typing into the 2nd 1/2 of my post.

    Sorry. Not ALL Rays fans are this dumb.

  6. mattpeas

    welcome back . i love this blog and glad you are getting back into the swign of things. ill be coming out to Denver at the end of the month for the D-Backs series. I’m vacationing with my family and was wondering if you can give me any tips or information about spending a few day in the colorado area?

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