What a difference a little confidence can make…

Day 160


I watched with my own eyes, about 100 feet from Huston Street in Minute Maid park, as he got touched up and fell apart only to regain himself in time to head into extra innings. We would end up losing that game. What a difference a little bit of confidence and a five game win streak can make. Make that six with the win tonight.

Tonight, warming up in the bullpen, I saw a different Street. Hungry and confident he did his own thing and I knew it was going to be a different outcome.


     Huston Street by Tom Walsh

That’s the face of confidence. Hell that belongs on a Wheaties box.

Lake Michigan was cloudy this morning and the water was freakin cold, but I knew the Rockies would continue to stay hot. They are hitting on all cyclinders and tonight was not the night for it to end.


DSCN0251.JPGSome old faces joined the team. Ianetta, done with his rehab start, looked to make an instant impact. I asked Phillips if he knew if he was going to be getting any regular playing time since Chris was back. I just got a who the hell knows look. I told him I hope he got some good backup time because he was swinging a good bat. We’ll see.


     Chris Ianetta by Tom Walsh

The bullpen was relaxed and you can see an overall feeling of things could be getting better with the guys. You see a few more smiles, but nobody is thinking the team is out of the proverbial woods. Although watching Manny find a walkie-talkie and mess around with it made for some in between innings amusement.


     Manny Corpas “the general” by Tom Walsh

The walkie belonged to a Miller Park crew member, but I’d would have loved to have heard the response from the person on the other end! Tell me I’m not the only one with that photo : )

I was rocking my old school Colorado Springs Sky Sox hat and some really nice folks from Pueblo, Colorado who had flown in for the game, decided to chat me up.

DSCN0259.JPGT.J. and Tyler took a day to fly in and I let Tyler in on a secret to get a ball. Score. It worked and he had a very nicely used warm up ball to show all his buddies back in Pueblo.


DSCN0258.JPGI am always pumped when I meet fellow Coloradoans on the road who are travelling to games. Another gal chatted with me and we realized we had been sitting rows away from each other in St. Louis. Cool thing was she is a New York Rockies fan!

Six wins in and I know it can stop at any time, but for this Rockies fan, this streak is some sorely needed water in the parched dessert landscape.



  1. rrrt

    When we travel, in addition to going to baseball games, we always take pictures of our feet in various bodies of water, just like you did. I recall from firsthand experience that Lake Michigan is incredibly cold, even in the middle of the summer! Sounds like you are having a great time!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. luckylori

    I envy you SO much. I wish I could run away from home (and work) and live for baseball! Even a week or two would make me happy. I am enjoying your blog, but still have much to catch up on. Saturday, 1pm-3pm. You are on my schedule! Keep having fun and be safe!

  3. raysrenegade

    The Walkie-talkie photo is awesome.
    If I was him I would have been conversating in Spanish hoping no one else knew it and would freak out looking for the walkie-talkie.
    Glad to hear you found some fellow Rockies fans on your trip down there, up there I do not know the direction.
    Also too cool you got a warmed up ball for a fan.

    Rays Renegade


  4. rockymountainway

    Julia- I saw last night that the Yankees still haven’t beat the Sox. Crazy!
    Jeff- I heard the same and talked with a Rockies insider who seems to think it could happen but would have to be worthwhile.
    Kaybee- It was a great game!
    Sue- It was a very cold experience but a warm win.
    Emily- And the beat goes on…
    Erin- Luckily the bullpen has been solid lately. It’s very nice to see.
    Lori- Awesome to be scheduled. I’ll drop by to see what you got going on over there.
    Tribechick-Thanks so much : )
    Rays- Meeting the fans of both teams has been very cool here in Milwaukee. Lots of great people.

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