The Rockies and I are a Lot Alike-We both are sick quite often

Day 135


The mid-week series versus the Astros was nothing really to write home about, in case you hadn’t heard. The Rockies would fight back, and it was awesome to see a grand slam Wednesday night, but they would lose 15-11. Thursday was just about getting a sunburn and watching the Rockies defense do it’s best impression of the Bad News Bears by committing three errors in the first two innings. No defense=no wins and unearned runs.


DSCN0134.JPGAfter waking up today and realizing the week’s melee, I started to blow my nose and realize the Rockies and I are a lot alike.

The Rockies get hot in shifts and seem like they are going to pull out a winning streak of more than two games.

I get sick and hot and seeminlgy need to pull out more than two tissues.

Rockies pitching is hit and miss and leaves you wondering whether or not it needs professional attention.

My immune system, which is seemingly that of a child, is making me wonder if I need professional help.

Opponents pitching is not throwing up it’s arms in surrender (despite the photo) ohh big stretch.


     Mike Hampton “I give up” by Tom Walsh

The Rockies starting hitting is less than spectacular (or intimidating) and when you have almost four of your top nine players hitting below average, you need to refresh some ideas on hitting.

My chest is so congested I feel like refreshing my head into this keyboard.

The coaches are grabbing at ideas to help the club put together some wins. The players are just grabbing. Case in point.


     Ian Stewart by Tom Walsh

I am grabbing for another decongestant to help the breathing along.

The Rockies are hoping a road trip until the 24th of May will maybe get them going.

I’m hoping this Vitamin C and swift kick in the butt will get me going to prepare a little more for my trip to Atlanta Sunday.

With that said..

Special kudos to Matt Daley for his lights out performance against the Astros in relief Thursday. Your pitching was a brightspot and greatly appreciated. If only the defense had not given up three errors for two or three unearned runs, you might have had a winner on your hands. Keep up the good work.


And yes, for those following my wager against an overblown fan in Houston, known as a best friend, I am down 2-1 with four more games to play in Houston come the start of June. Daddy’s getting new shoes is not looking spectacular, but the bet is not over yet, so who knows.


  1. Kylie

    Oooh, Matt Daley is a looker.
    I hope you feel better! I’ve been sick for a week and a half now and I just wish it would go away.
    Have fun on your way to Atlanta, and by the way, tickets for the June 2 game are $1 at the box office with a Powerade label. Drink up.
    Kylie —

  2. rockymountainway

    Jeff-Yes, there is little to go on whether they will bring their A-game or just get blown out. Both of those rememdies are familiar and I would be more likely to get a prescription for the Summer Ale. Over the counter the way to go!

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