We Now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Day 114


Today, Saturday the 24th of April I would like to halt my regular scheduled program for a special post.

I am going to do this one thing once on this post. Only once and I do it full willingly to not only show that we can all get along, but also to recognize an awesome human being and baseball fan.

I am not sure of what my internet access will look like this weekend. So I am a day early in saying so but…



Happy Birthday the ranter of rant    Mrs.Julia Fitzgerald

and… I do this for you Julia and only for you….





                      GO SOX!!!!


Thumbnail image for Red_Sox_Logo.jpg
May they be victorious and may you have a rockin birthday and a great weekend series.

Julia and I, in case you didn’t know, have a lengthy history here at MLBlogs and she was single handledly responsible for me changing my mind on Red Sox fans.

She was the first person to offer anything of a kind gesture when I launched into Baseball Across America by offering a place to stay if I am in Boston (still working on that) and she was more than happy to launch my Timeout at the Plate series.

So if I could, I’d say it in person, but since I can’t this post is for you!


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