Two Posts In One Day- Getting Caught Up and the Massacre That Was L.A.!

 Day 110

Getting Caught Up

(After touching base with actual Movable Type engineers, I was able to resolve my photo problem with their help. I will get to retrofitting the previous Chase Field posts with photos as soon as I can today. My computer refused to work the whole time in L.A., but I have got it fixed now that I got back to Colorado and I apologize for the lack of posting. I tried, but it just wouldn’t work.)

The Colorado weather and Mother nature had a message for me…. No Los Angeles for you. I had one back… Try and stop me.

Ok, so she held me up one day and I missed the Friday night game in person. I got my heart broke somewhere in the Arizona desert as the bullpen would fall apart in the seventh inning and give up the lead and the game. Dodgers win 4-3 and Ramirez comes out looking like a hero, hitting a bloop single that would put the Dodgers ahead.

During that day Friday, I battled Mother nature the whole way and it looked a bit like this.


I can’t complain though because the effort paid off and after it looked like this.


DSCN0082.JPGI got stuck in Denver and decided to enlist the help of a road trip warrior and a female versed in my history. I knew she would be a fun person to run to Los Angeles with and would make for some good stories. Laura would be just that. A Rockies fan almost as enthusiastic as me, I would end up needing the support in the hardened section of Dodger Stadium pavilions.

On a side note:

If you are ever in Santa Fe and you are looking for a mom and pop eatery with a different but familiar feel, I recommend The Flying Tortilla. The food is cheap at around $8 for anything on the menu and the red chile sauce is respectable. To people who may not eat much in the way of spicy, that means look out but don’t fear the bite!


DSCN0054.JPGI wanted to touch base and let everyone know I did get to witness the beat down on the Rockies, Saturday at Dodger Stadium. I was also on the grass, and put a hex on center and left-center while meandering. It didn’t have the power I would have liked!


DSCN0079.JPGOf course photos will come and I will break down the very much different experience of Dodger Stadium then that of Chase Field. Let me just put it this way. When a home grown Dodger fan asks you, “Is it always this violent at Coors,” then you know it’s going to be an interesting story…


Photo Credits- Tom Walsh Snowy drive, Flying Tortilla, Venice Beach

                     Laura Becker- Tom Walsh in center field



  1. rrrt

    OK, I have to ask…is that really you, really on the outfield of Dodger Stadium?? If so, how did you get there? Unless I am missing something. Anyway, looks like beautiful weather, too bad the Rockies did not win one for you. BTW, what ended up being the problem with loading your pictures?
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. raysrenegade

    I know the feeling in trying to get caught up with blogs and game recaps. I had to move my baseball collection into storage in anticipation of a move closer to the baseball field.
    I am hating this 45 minute drive to every game, and decided to move back within 100 yeards of the stadium into a condo that has a sight line of the Trop.
    Funny how fast can get behind without even noticing it sometimes.
    Well, as always, I will read them if you post them………just the kind of baseball guy I am.
    Do not get any snow on you Tommy.

    Rays Renegade

  3. rockymountainway

    Sue, lol yes that is me on the outfield at Dodger Stadium and the weather was a tad bit hot, but wasn’t snow like Colo so I was fine with it. Movable type long answer easy solution. Code issue resolved quick but if it happens to you let me know and I’ll help you through it.

    Rays- You a baseball guy…nah..Lol yeah it was tough not having the computer working with the internet but I am getting caught up today so everything is a good as can be in that respect. Gonna stop over your way pretty quick.


  4. Lissi

    Awesome picture from the outfield! I was watching another beat down on Saturday. You may have heard that the Indians kicked butt and took names on Saturday in what I and others now refer to as The House that Grady Built. Awesome game. I’m sorry yours didn’t go as well. I always cheer for the Rockies especially over the Dodgers.

  5. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    When I read “No Los Angeles for you,” it sounded like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld in my head. 🙂 And I’m super jealous you got to play in the outfield. You have NO idea how badly I wanna do that in ANY stadium. Glad you made it to LA and back safely!

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