…The Massacre That Was L.A.

Day 110 1/2


They say a picture is worth a thousand words…


Thumbnail image for sadtom.JPGThis is what it felt like watching the beat down the Rockies took at the hands of the Dodgers Saturday and Sunday. It hurt. Like Napoleon Dynamite would say, “It hurt real baaad.”

Let me show what it must have felt like to a Rockies batter. The only words I can describe it is, “Say what?”


Yeah, if I had to describe the feeling of a Rockies pitcher, especially a middle reliever, super especially Matt Belisle, who decided to almost ruin my vision for life, by giving up a grand slam, would be the ol stand by…whhyyyy?


Seriously, I will always fly the colors. I don’t care how many jeers or comments I get in an opposing fans stadium, the colors stay on. I have to admit,I love my Rockies and have no problem showing everyone that, but I was embarrassed.

The numbers didn’t lie. 31 hits in two games…No that wasn’t a combined two team total. That was the total for the Dodgers against Rockies pitching and I could only shake my head sitting in the hot sun of Dodger Stadium.

If you thought the number of hits was bad, try the 23 runs put up on the scoreboard. When people in the crowd were yelling, “Colorado Rookies,” this the best you got, I had absolutely no come back to that.

In the 4/19 game Sunday, there was only two innings the Dodgers did not score in. Two.



Thumbnail image for ubaldododger.JPG
In retrospect, I did not realize Ubaldo’s 4 2/3 innings 100 pitch outing was going to be the bright spot. Sure he only gave up four runs on seven hits, but at least the game was still in reach at that point. The smokin 18.90 ERA of Matt Belisle was nothing to be concerned about, until the next batter watching the grand slam go into center.

I can only hope the Rockies repay the favor when the Dodgers come to visit Coors this upcoming weekend. The pain I felt in those two games was deep.

But I can’t lie in so many ways I do love L.A.! I lived outside of the valley for awhile when I was younger and there are so many things that made me happy beyond the rough ball games. I know all the spots to hit, and be sure I hit them.

With on average, an 80 degree day, one must always hit the beach. Everyone has their favorite in L.A. and I am no different. Before the game you could find me in my old haunts soaking it up!

tom beach.JPG

There was very a powerful anti-war protest set up on the beach too and apparently volunteers have come out every Sunday for five years to take care of it. It was touching and I couldn’t help take a moment out to reflect.


Thumbnail image for DSCN0085.JPG


Maybe it was reflection, but the tummy knows what it wants and having lived in California I went straight for the best fast food burger made. Yes, I traveled all across this country and would put it up against a Whataburger from Texas, etc. It’s better and it’s In and Out.


Thumbnail image for DSCN0103.JPG
So yes, the massacre was very nasty and disappointing, but I could stop to realize I was soaking up the sun, while Colorado was getting blasted with snow. I was eating some great grub and it’s a treat only found travelling west of Colorado. And before long there would be another umpire yelling, “Play ball” and the Rockies would be able to make up for the loss. Gotta keep it all in perspective!


Photo Credit- Tom Walsh all except Nancy Kerrigan (no idea) and self portrait : )




  1. juliasrants

    Tom – that tribute to the fallen soldiers is very moving. And think about it – The Rockies fans know only too well the pain that the Yankees fans are going through. 🙂 We don’t have either In and Out Burgers or Whataburgers here in Massachusetts so I don’t know which one is better but yes. You do take great action shots! Where are you off to next?


  2. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    YES IN-N-OUT!!!! That’ll be the downside of moving back to Chicago after graduation…no more In-N-Out. Greatest fast food burger EVER. I now know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow. 🙂 Do you know what the red crosses in that anti-war protest are? It’s a nice effect.

  3. raysrenegade

    I have always wanted to try and In and Out burger. They do not have then yet in Florida, but you never know, they might bring on to Orlando some day.
    The War protest was moving. I am not going to preach on here, but I do know both side of that fence all too well.
    It is funny this season, the teams that should be winning are struggling, and the teams that are the dark horses in most divisions are striving, like Toronto, Kansas City and Seattle.
    But that is why we play the games and not award playoff spots in April.
    Sounds like your trip is getting off to a great start.

    Rays Renegade


  4. rockymountainway

    Still working on the next destination outside of Denver Julia, but for sure I’ll let ya know : )
    Jen- the red crosses were for multiple deaths but I don’t remember the exact number.
    Kaybee- they have em in San Diego. I hope you have partaken in the In-n-Out burger 🙂
    Elizabeth- In-n-out makes it all better all the time!
    Emily- this April is starting to scare me!
    Rays- yes, excellent start indeed!
    Melissa- I’d say it was a “goo” plan too! : )

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