Rockies Looking For Their Guy- And In Separate Incident I Am That Guy

Day 84


So today I realized I am that guy. You know the one who is in the coffee shop looking all important and self-involved in writing-maybe the great American novel or just jibberish. Yep, I am that guy. Not the great American novel, yet, but definitely writing-more than likely jibberish. The funny part is I am not even really a coffee drinking kinda guy. A co-worker from years back turned me onto iced chais and this is my crack when in a coffee shop.

Ask me anything about coffee. Couldn’t tell ya much other then the drink is made from a bean and beans grown in different areas have different tastes. Colombian versus wherever I wouldn’t know the difference. I’ve never said I was a coffee genius, but a good friend of mine would probably be disappointed, because he is a barista and takes it quite seriously. Matter of fact, he would probably be upset I am sitting in a chain coffee house. Normally, I frequent local joints whenever I can, but this one is close and I can jack free wifi from the bakery next door.

 I know, it sounds like bad karma to be jacking wifi from the bakery next door, but I will one day go in and buy a lot of their goods. Bakery next door, I promise I will purchase your wares before long. The coffee shop here wants me to pay for their wireless on top of the drink I just purchased. Now that I think about it, maybe you bakery are very sneaky. Maybe you know your wifi signal comes over here and you want people like me to feel bad and come to your establishment. Sneaky bakery people…sneaky.

Anyway, I sit here in this coffee shop watching the people hurry by downtown. Conversations all around and the place is a buzz. I am that guy, the artist and writer pounding away at the keys as people cast their gaze at me wondering what it is I am typing. It’s about you people- all of you as I smile with only a joke I know. I may not write the great American novel during Baseball Across America, but I wrote a page last night I think would be the prologue. If anyone wants me to post it just let me know and I’ll let everyone read it.

But I digress, onto BASEBALL!!!

It was a welcome relief to see Rockies coaches are excited about two men fighting for the closing spot this year.

Manuel Corpas, who came on strong to take the closer position in 2007 and Huston Street, who the Rockies acquired in the Holliday trade from the Athletics, are battling it out. Mano e mano, the two are both making strong statements to take the spot. Brian Fuentes, the Rockies closer last season, decided to take an offer with the Angels this season bringing about a very important vacancy.

Corpas has held the role before in Colorado and came to camp 20 pounds lighter according to
manny corpas.jpgAP reports. He’s got a wicked slider and sinker and succeeds with his location. Corpas doesn’t try to overpower hitters as much as he does outsmart them. He was very fun to watch in ’07 and Rockies fans expected a ton out of him this last season where he struggled. The talent is there, it’s just whether he can stay “rock” solid in the closing spot should he get it.

Street, who is 25-years-old and has closing experience with the A’s, is just as determined to
huston street.jpgget the job. He is making a case as spring training is nearing it’s end. He has given up no runs in his last five innings of work and his command is looking spot on. Decisions,decisions.

The greatest aspect of this duel is neither of these men is going anywhere. When one overtakes the other for the position, they will end up supporting a hopefully healthy Taylor Buchholz in the middle innings. There’s nothing wrong in having a deep bullpen. The bullpen was very much a key in the Rockies ’07 run. Middle innings the Rockies lost games in, became solid and turned into wins.

When this one plays itself out there will be no losers and this is welcome news.


On a side note I’ve been meaning to ask the loyal readers of this jibberish if there is something about this blog they do or don’t like. Not that I would necessarily change anything, because I am a huge believer in artist integrity, but I would like to know opinions if you have one. For those that stop by, it is always nice and I promise when I get a more permanent wifi availability I will stop over. I miss reading many of the great writers in the mlblogs and I look forward to getting caught up! Thanks Tommy


  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I have no idea why, but your third paragraph made me giggle hysterically. 🙂 That little paragraph about Corpas made me really happy since I drafted him to my fantasy team. Man I hope he has another season like 2007 since it sounds like it was a good one. I like your blog the way it is. It gives us a way to get to know you and your journey. I would only change what you think needs changing. And post your page! I wanna read it! 🙂

  2. Kylie

    I love Huston Street. I’ve wanted him to be a Rockie or an Astro since I heard about him, so I think he’ll do great.
    Iced chais? My personal favorite is a cinnamon chai latte. A friend of mine let me try hers a few years back and I’ve been hooked ever since.
    Kylie —

  3. iliveforthis

    Tommy- Watch out for those bakeries, they can be very sneaky. Also, I’m pulling for Street for the closing role. I’ve found with most Rockies fans that you either liked Corpas or Fuentes, but not both, and that you disliked the other one for the same reason that someone else disliked your choice. Um… did that make sense?

  4. rrrt

    My husband doesn’t drink coffee either – loves the smell of it, but won’t drink it. I, on the other hand, need it in the morning or I am useless. I would love to see your first page! And I don’t think there is anything that you should change – I enjoy reading your blog because it is a nice balance of baseball and life, and not just spouting stats and game recaps. Keep up the good work!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. Kaybee

    Haha, I loved your first few paragraphs. That’s something I would love to do – go to a coffee shop-type and type away. That would be pretty funny. I agree with Julia, I would love to read the prolouge!

  6. redbirdchatter

    I always enjoy your posts. They are solid. Just enough humor. Just enough meat. Not rambling. Not abbreviated. And, always honest.
    On a not so serious note, I will have to side with Erin over Jeff on the pics. However, I suspect that Jeff and I might both be satisfied by more pictures of Yadier Molina. Although, they might look a little out of place on a Rockies blog. : )

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