Poor L.A. Hammies Just Being Hammies While Colorado Opens Up a Can of Whoop

Day 75


Imagine you are one of 30 people in town. You really want this Ferrari in the local dealership. The whole town knows you want it and so does the dealer. Oh yes, the dealer has been knocking on every door in town telling the other 29 people how much you want this car.

It’s fast. It’s flashy. It’s goes from zero to 60 in an ungodly time.


ferrari-geneva-950.jpgIt’s used though! Matter of fact you were able to drive it for a short leasing period and it was awesome. It went fast and got all the girls in town to check you out. You were a contender. You were the man. But as all good things come to an end, you drove it back to the dealership after your lease was up and expected to sign another one so you could drive it again.

You knew this Ferarri could get you in a lot of trouble and get you speeding tickets and having everyone thinking you are reckless. It didn’t matter, you wanted it nonetheless. 

The dealer made you out to be an idiot and wanted a ridiculous amount of money because this car went fast and you needed it. Had to have it you said. He knew you were the only one in town who wanted it and was willing to spend a crazy amount.

So you did and in the first week as you are driving it what happens?

flat tire.jpg

It’s just a day to day thing. So not to worry. These things happen is what the dealer tells you. This car is in tip top shape and all sales are final. I’m just glad this wasn’t the front page in Colorado.

Dodgers’ Manny Ramirez exits with sore hamstring

Manny Ramirez


Photo credit- blogs.edmunds.com/straightline/ferrari-geneva-950.jpg


                    L.A. Times Headline-Photo (Mark J. Rebilas- US Presswire)


  1. rockymountainway

    Kaybee- I love to hear the word brilliant : )
    Julia- Aren’t we all, but I’m not getting paid 25 mil, damn.
    Melissa- Glad you got a chuckle. Laughter rocks!
    Happy- What can I say I’m a deep thinkin dude and yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if “run out of gas” becomes the next one.

  2. Erin Kathleen

    This is probably the best thing I have read about Man-Ram all season. Although, didn’t we all kind of expect this? Manny would behave himself until he got what he wanted and then would be back to his old tricks. Sometimes I’m glad the Twins could never afford to get someone like him (though they almost drafted him in 1991).-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

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