Day 2…Now What?!!!

Day 57


Feel better?

Got that first game out of the way and heard some familiar names from the boys of summer.

Stomach settled a bit and the tension and anxiety for the start of the season died down a bit.

Feel better?

smiley face.jpg Me too.

Now What?!!

So starts the second day of spring ball and my Rockies are getting ready to play the White Sox of Chicago.


COLORADO_ROCKIES_.jpgThey’ll get in some stretching and some batting
white-sox-logo.jpgpractice. They play nine innings of baseball and call it a day, to do it all over again tomorrow.

We the fans will go about our daily lives until the boys are back in home stadiums across the nation playing before our very eyes for an entire summer.

Maybe we travel to warmer destinations to catch a glimpse or just click on the computer to read about it. Dust off the newspaper outside and open it to the sports section to see what the boxscore reads.

Deep breathes as we understand it’s not a quick process but a long spring and summer of America’s game.

coorsnitebday.JPGDeep breathes.

breathe.jpgDeep breathes as I realize tomorrow is my birthday and time is flying before I can realize it’s gone!

So excuse me as I take another deep breath, sigh and go listen to the game…


Photo credit: Coors Field Tom Walsh

Breathe stone-



  1. raysrenegade

    Look out for Jenn.
    She might be coming by and doing a drive by smack talk sometimes during the game. but that is some of the fun of having a community like this online. You can kid and joke with people and not get a beer tossed in your face.

    Are you spending your birthday at the ballpark? I have gotten lucky the last 5 years and we have played home games during mine. Nothing better than sitting there enjoying the day and they post your name on the big screen abd you become beet red.

    Rays Renegade

  2. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    You got to listen to the game?! Lucky! I got nothing other than the box score refreshing every 30 seconds. And while that’s better than nothing, I would have much rather been able to listen. Oh, and props to me for remembering that your birthday is tomorrow without having to read that sentence in your blog since you mentioned it in the “why am I a Cub” blog. 🙂 I’m good with birthdays.

  3. rockymountainway

    No doubt Rays, I think Jen is going to have to show some humility with my boys playing hers! And no no birthday at the ballpark this year. Would be nice but I have a bad feeling the water pump is going out on the Rockies Roadster so I may be stuck under a car all day : (

    Jen- Kudos to you : ) I am terrible with birthdays but I always have great respect for you types who are good with birthdays! You are the awesome ones.


  4. trolleydodger

    It was nice seeing the Astros on ESPN today… what do you think about the news that the Rocky Mountain News will publish its last edition on Friday?

  5. rockymountainway

    Kaybee- Thanks I’ll need it. I’m looking over this car repair and I think my whole birthday will be taken up by it!

    Vegas51’s- I’m very very saddened to hear the News is shutting its doors. Very sad.


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