Resurrecting The Dream- Starts Today

Day 56


Take it in. Soak it in.

Whether on the radio, or the internet, television or sitting in the stands. It’s just the start of Spring Training ball, but it’s a start.

Start dreaming of the World Series.

Start dreaming of the comeback win or the no-hitter you are sure you’ll see this season.

It could happen, but it all starts today.

springtraining.JPGAs I sit here in listening to the fifth inning, the Rockies are leading 3-2 over Arizona.

Does it mean the division is theirs? Not by any means..

Oh wait, all tied up.  Ouch

Give it the next inning and the D’backs are up 4-3.Ahh..

That’s baseball and it ain’t over till it’s over but it’s just started!!

Rockies trailing 5-3 and I just started the first rally cap… with a big smile.


Photo credit: Tom Walsh: first (me)

                                      second (my father and his grandson)


  1. rockymountainway

    Thanks you two! I’m feeling it, loving it and breathing it! That photo I took of my pop and my newphew is one of my favorites. It’s gotten a lot of accolades.


  2. Elizabeth D

    I was freaking out at school today because there was no gameday– only gameday audio and I think it’s a bit obvious to my English class if I have a phone telling me what’s going on lol. Sounds like a nice game between the Rockies and Arizona. This is all so exciting. And nice last photo, I want some more of the story behind it!

  3. rockymountainway

    Jen-Bring it on!
    Roundrock- No doubt about it!
    Elizabeth-Yes it’s gotta be tough being in class during baseball. Hang in there. Summer coming soon! I might write about the story on that picture, I’ll think about it : )
    Jane- That’s a big compliment Jane- Thank you.
    Sue- Maybe I’ll look to sell it for some $ for Baseball Across America! Thank you too for the compliment.

  4. redbirdchatter

    Love the photo. It is sweet! I gave my 18-month old nephew his first baseball this weekend. He has a great arm, but a “little” trouble locating his fast ball, so needless to say we were banned from playing in the house.

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