58 degrees close enough for me! An ode to baseball weather

Day 47


I don’t know what the weather was today in your area, but it was 58 degrees in the places I was and that is close enough for me. Play ball…already…

I know, it’s close enough to feel it and in a couple of weeks the start of spring training brings the start of the season not far behind.

Today I was excited and felt closer to baseball then at anytime since the end of the season. The reason.

Play ball…already…

I’m sure it will snow again in the near future and my hopes will be diminished for awhile. But I will hold out hope for those 58 degree days to turn to 68 and 78 and close my eyes remembering the sounds, smells sights of the ballpark.  

Play ball…already…

The windows get closed as the breeze becomes colder tonight but tomorrow is forecast for similar temperatures and dreams and excitement build all over again.

The internet buzzes with baseball news and the television scrolls tidbits on pitching. Blogs get blogged and airline flights get logged.

Play ball…already…

Time to take a rest and read the paper on who’s in the good weather doing best. The buses have left and fans will follow.

For now the reality will be a little less hollow.

Play ball…already…


  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I’m with you on this, Tom. I’m ready for baseball. Although if there was a game to be played in San Diego RIGHT NOW, it’d be rained out. It’s been raining constantly since Sunday night. It’s still warm. Well, warm by my standards since I grew up in Chicago. I’ve seen people wearing gloves and scarves and it’s about 60 degrees.

  2. rockymountainway

    Julia- Soon that lawn will be green and then it’s time to play ball!
    Kathy- I love watching the field crew chalk the lines!
    Jeff- That’s balmy for Chi-town, soon enough eh?!
    Jen- I heard about the rain, Cali can use it so wet down some of that wildfire tinder but sunny days are a comin ; )
    Rants- The news will be flying in before long and I am ready, beyond ready : )


  3. Kaybee

    Yeah, it’s not that cold here in San Diego, but I was in just in 30 degree weather for a long time, so this feels pretty warm to me. I hope it stops raining here…I’ve had enough snow and wetness to last me a while! Great entry!

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