Timeout at the plate #8

Day 42


Timeout #7 took a look at half of the Red State Blue State blog with a deeper look at Jeff
redstate.pngLung. If you picked up on anything from Jeff it would be something to the effect that as I am covering his other half Allen Krause, there should be some form of Darth Vader entrance music playing in the background. I personally would like to set a different scene:

It’s two in the morning and you are a sweating Detroit Tiger fan who do you want answering the phone in Washington D.C. on day one?

so that was a cheap takeoff from the campaign but the damn thing lasted two years. I think I’m entitled to reference it and more importantly point out the other half of RSBS is not only a scholar, Detroit Tiger fan but also a foreign service worker in D.C. aka diplomat. And diplomatic is his approach to all things RSBS and Jeff Lung.



If you and Jeff had to choose which side of the force you were (sith or jedi), which side would you be and do you think Jeff would say the same? (I asked him the same question)
Knowing my penchant for pessimism, I’d have to say that I’m a sith. I think it’s just more in my nature. And, I do work for “the man” so the actions speak even more loudly. Would Jeff agree? Yeah, I’m pretty sure he would. Especially since he knows that I’m his daddy.

 You and Jeff have a great blog going and until recently found yourself in the number one spot for a very long run. What do you think is most appealing to the average reader of Red State Blue State?
I think most of our readers enjoy the dialectic nature of the blog. There isn’t just one voice pontificating. It’s a dialogue. I also think the connections we draw between the world of politics and the world of sports keep people coming back, either because they agree and want to join in on the conversation or because they disagree (and are therefore wrong). Also, there are pictures of pretty girls.
Jeff recently broke out the “fluke” bomb on my Rockies and I had to retort and explain how the ’07 Rockies were not a fluke because of the record of the injury ridden ’08 Rockies. How many times have you had to defend the ’06 Tigers and that pitching staff that came up short against Jeff’s Cardinals in the World Series?

Although Jeff has been one of my best friends for years now, he has problems. He still refuses to admit that if it wasn’t for the Tiger pitching meltdown in the ’06 World Series, especially the gag reel worth of errors, the Tigers would have won. I’ll admit that it seems like they came out of nowhere that season but Dombrowski had been putting the pieces into place for a couple years. And they were in the race for most of ’07 before injuries took them out of contention. But even though these truths are self-evident (and yes, I do hold to them), Jeff has a hard time admitting them. But he lives in Chicago, the place where dreams go to die, so I try not to hit him too hard on it.
If Jeff had a potential wife on the line and she came to you asking what kind of man Jeff was and what baseball meant to him how would you respond?

Well, despite everything, I still think she’d be getting herself quite a catch. How many white guys do you know that speak better Chinese than Chairman Mao? However, I’d have to warn her that she’d only have a husband for half the year, and maybe less now with the advent of the MLB Network. If she can deal with that, more power to her.
RSBS does a good job of mixing all types of topics into your blogs and you guys seems to disagree on quite a bit. One of the blogs I laughed most at was the argument over the Andrews sisters. Is that one destined to fume until the end of time?

Even though I’m the Capricorn, Jeff is a very stubborn guy. This is a disagreement that should have been settled long ago because I’m obviously right. However, I think it is destined to continue for a while. I’m hoping we can find someone we can both agree on one of these days. Of course, then we’d probably have to fight to the death about who likes her more. What can I say? He’s like a little brother, always trying to outdo his elder.
Jeff gives you great props in your bio as being a very smart individual. What is your favorite topic of choice in an intelligent debate?

Well, I’m a huge film nerd so I love talking about movies and how they provide of snapshot of culture and society at a particular point in time. I think I realized this essential truth while watching the latest film in the Batman franchise last year. But, I absolutely love debating politics and especially overarching foreign policy currents. For instance, I recently spent an entire Sunday brunch arguing over the relative merits and moralism of French and US foreign policy. Yeah, a wannabe east coast elite and a nerd. It’s a bad combination.
You were at the inauguration of Obama and did a good job of conveying your experience to the reader. Is there one moment from that whole event that is etched in your mind forever?

I think there are two things that really stick out for me from that amazing day. The first is a somewhat negative aspect that I wrote about, the lack of respect that some Americans have for their elected officials. You don’t have to like them or agree with them but they were popularly elected and for that at least, they deserve a degree of respect.
However, the most positive moment of the day for me was something that a lot of Progressives and Liberals have been complaining about, Obama’s line that we do not apologize for who we are. There is nothing wrong with being an American and there is nothing wrong with being proud of that fact. After all, we gave baseball to the world.
Finally, Detroit had a rough year all around in 2008 and 2009 is not looking much brighter. Outside of winning the World Series, what would be your greatest hope for the Tigers and Detroit in general as well to finish out 2009?

I hope the Tigers place ahead of the Royals and win more games than the Cardinals. I think it’s important to have realistic goals and, after what happened last year, this is about as realistic as I can get. As for Detroit, I just hope that there aren’t any more bodies frozen in ice around town. Seriously guys. Let’s at least pretend we’re civilized.
Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Allen Krause. That wraps up #8 and the beat goes on. Thanks to both Jeff and Allen for giving readers a little more of a look into the blog that is Red State Blue State and I’m sure the quality will keep up the rest of ’09.




  1. raysrenegade

    Got to admit that those two guys have a good thing going on with that blog.

    The best part is that they have a great chemistry to both right even on the same issue and have great views from both sides of the fence. There is a good reason why they are always up at the top of the blog-nation.

    Great Q & A session. Found out some new stuff on Jeff and Allen. Keep up that insightful mind of yours cranking out the fantastic madness.

    Rays Renegade


  2. juliasrants

    I loved your series of articles about Jeff & Allen. Gee, I feel bad for knocking them out of first place; okay…this is the era of truth in baseball…Nope! Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading about more of our bloggers!


  3. rockymountainway

    THanks Renegade Im always glad to get in depth on some good talent like these guys.

    Julia- Wow you are rubbing it in! The competition should be fierce with some great blogs like and RSBS.


  4. redstatebluestate

    That Al… wow, he’s a humble one. Still saying things like “the Tigers should have won” well guess what… THEY DIDN’T. They should have LOST, that’s why they DID otherwise the baseball gods would have let them WIN. Get over it, Al. Get over it and recognize my GREATNESS (i’m half kidding).

  5. rockymountainway

    Melissa- Thanks I glad you liked it and I hope to get many more in the future.

    Jeff- What is the other half thinking…?

    King- For sure man, I am glad to learn about great bloggers and let others now.

  6. redstatebluestate

    That’s a good question, Tom. I don’t know. Sometimes I just say things to say things. Sometimes I just say things to say things so that when I do say things, things are said in a way that saying them will say more than the things can say themselves. Does that make sense?

  7. rockymountainway

    Elizabeth- You’re very welcome!

    Homer- It’s strange to think of the Royals ever being a contender and that has to feel terrible for those fans!

    Thanks Kaybee!

    Jeff- Yes after reading that for the tenth time I get what you are saying! My mind shouldn’t have to work that hard.


  8. redbirdchatter

    Another great timeout at the plate. Allen talks about setting realistic goals. The Tigers may well finish ahead of the Royals, but if he thinks they are going to win more games than the Cardinals, he is delusional. I’m just saying it now, so he won’t be disappointed later. Right, Jeff?

  9. allenk

    Thanks Kathy. It didn’t help when I saw the new Baseball Prospectus after writing my answers and noticed that the Tigers are expected to win two fewer games than the Cards. But, 1 out of 2 ain’t bad, right? It’s going to be a long season. If only Kyle Farnsworth could come back and save us.


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