Leave it to a Cardinal fan

Day 27


If you read yesterday’s post you could tell it was a challenging day(s) and I wrote a lyric from Hank Williams Sr.

Kathy over at Redbird Chatter didn’t recognize the lyric and thought she had heard every Hank William’s song growing up. She then realized she was behind on Baseball Across America when she saw I date every post at the top. After getting caught up she offered a space in Oklahoma if I should need a rest.

Leave it to a Cardinal fan in Oklahoma to make me smile and say a big, “Thank You.”

She inspired me to explain more of myself and personally it’s a side of me I consider one of the biggest- my love of music. If you have ever seen Shawshank Redemption and Andy Dufrain is sitting in the wardens office blaring opera and knowing he’s going to solitary confinement, but he doesn’t care because he loves music so much. That’s me.

I love music more than I could ever explain. My parents had a huge record collection when I was growing up and I could literally change a record before I could tie my shoes. My parents would have friends over and they would always remark how cute it was their son could put a record on and he was so little.

They listened to everything and I grew up appreciating so many types of music including Hank Williams Sr. As I got older, I began to appreciate him even more as obviously I “grew into” the music and could understand it so much more.

The lyric you did not recognize Kathy, was indeed Hank Williams Sr. but it was his alter ego Luke the Drifter. Williams had struggled with alchohol and “honky tonkin” in his years as a musician but he always sought the comfort of prayer and the Lord. His alter ego Luke the Drifter was inspired by his need or want to sing songs of a preaching type nature as he travelled across the country and they’re some great songs.

luke the drifter.jpgThe first song I had ever heard was “I dreamed of mama last night.” Musicians such as Johnny Cash covered it later but it was always the best sung by Hank.

My father had lost his mother at the age of eight in Brooklyn, when she tragically fell off the stoop hanging laundry. Growing up I would find him listening to this song and I could see a deep sorrow.

As i got older, and understood what indeed my mother went through raising her boys, I could understand. I would come in late and never got angry or upset if she would call out. I thanked Hank for putting it in the words he did.

(I’ve just been to heaven with someone so true I dreamed about mama last night
She read me the Bible like she used to do I dreamed about mama last night)

She never closed her eyes and sleep till we were all in bed
And on party nights till we came home she often sat and read
We little thought about it then for we were young and gay
Just how much mama worried when we children were away

We only knew she never slept then when we were out at night
That she waited just to know that we’d all come home all right
Why sometimes when we’d stay away until one or two or three
It seemed to us that mama heard the turning of the key

For always when we’d step aside she’d call and we’d reply
But we were all too young back then to understand the reason why
Until the last one had returned she’d always keep a light
For mama couldn’t sleep until she kissed us all goodnight

She had to know that we were safe before she went to rest
For she seemed to fear the world might harm the ones she loved the best
And once she told me when you’re grown to women and to men
Perhaps I’ll sleep the whole night through I may be different then
And so it seemed that night and day we knew a mother’s care
That always when we got back home we’d find her waitin’ there

Then came the night that we were called together round her bed
The children’re all with you now the kindly doctor said
And in her eyes there gleamed again that old time tender light
That told that she’s just been waitin’ to know that we were all right
She smiled that old familiar smile and prayed to God to keep
Her children safe from harm throughout the years and then she went to sleep
(My dream is a treasure that I’ll always keep I dreamed about mama last night)

So as I travel across America, music will be my best friend. I have over one thousand cd’s and they won’t come along in hard copy, but I love Apple for inventing the Ipod because so much of that music will be with me. From rock to rap to big band and blue grass folk, the Taurus will be as diverse in it’s music as this country is in people.

So even though Hank died at the age of 29, in the back of his Cadillac on the way to his next show, he’ll be sitting right next to me waiting to tell me everything’s ok.

I could talk about music for days but I’d be more than happy to make it a regular post if people would like to pick my brain on what’s the current hit inside the Taurus. And when I say I listen to everything I mean almost everything and there are some exceptions like Polka. Nothing against it in a barn dance or the like, but I never found it on any regular rotation in my listening ever! 

You would find groups like the Beatles, Eddie Vedder, Willie Nelson, Jay-Z, Korn, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, Tool, Garth Brooks, John Denver, Kings of Leon, Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Cash, Metallica, Chimaira, Pantera, Ozzy, Prince, Radiohead, Sam Cooke, Snoop, Rolling Stones and the list goes on…Trust me it really goes on and on. : )

Thanks again Kathy.


  1. juliasrants

    Tom – music is such an important part of some many of our lives! Mine included! Be it the songs our favorite players are introduced to, the songs we first dance to at our weddings or the lullabies we sing to our children – life without music would be a dull, gray life. I am a FIRM believer that life needs background music; then we would know when the important parts were coming! Keep on rockin’ and rollin’!


  2. redbirdchatter

    OMG! I was on the phone with my parents and mentioned that I read a blog this morning that had a reference to a Hank Sr. song I didn’t know. I pulled up your site, so I could tell them the exact words, and much to my surprise I found this post!

    My dad, of course, knew all about Luke the Drifter. My mom launched into a chorus of “you’ve got friends in bloggy places.” My mom…she’s a regular can of corn. But, like your parents, they taught me the love of music. I envy your early eclectic exposure to music. My parents were solid ‘country’ people or ‘country and western’ as they often call it. Every other genre, I’ve found on my own, and like you, I enjoy them all. I will be checking out the artists you list that are unfamilar to me!

    I like the “I dreamed about mama” lyrics. Occasionally, I dream about my grandparents that have passed on. I wake up happy because it was so nice to see them again. I keep hoping I can dream my grandpa and me to a ballgame. Maybe, next season.

    I’m so glad I could make you smile, especially after a rough day. The ice and snow you battled is here now. I work for an electric company, so while others got to stay home, I was at work (I know, not fair). Coming home to find this post warmed my day. I’m smiling now. Thanks for returning the favor! I’m looking forward to hearing what’s playing on the iPod!



  3. redstatebluestate

    Gotta love Hank. And Johnny Cash of course. If you’re going the rap route in your Taurus, I suggest GZA’s “Liquid Swords” — one of the best rap albums front to back ever in my humble opinion. …unrelated note, just saw your email from several days ago. i hit you back with a reply… sorry i didn’t see it at first… i forget to check that address sometimes 😉 Keep on, keepin’ on, Tom.

  4. Elizabeth D

    Great story! Music is such an important aspect of life, and it can be carried on as a tradition. That’s a really beautiful song, I’ll definitely look it up later or sift through my parent’s collection of CDs.
    And I love the Kings of Leon by the way.

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