Life just ain’t fair sometimes Rod

Day 26


I heard it was Rod Blagojevich day on television. The infamous Governor of Illinois wants to make his case to the nation on national television programs and not show up for his impeachment hearing because it isn’t fair.

blagojevich.jpgOn one hand, I’ll give it to the guy. Remember when Clemens was on the hot seat for roids and everyone kept saying, “If I was innocent I would tell everyone in the world who would listen.” Well, maybe Rod has a point and it’s not fair what’s happening to him and he’s letting it be known. Point taken Rod. But life just isn’t fair sometimes.

Rockies pitcher Franklin Morales was supposed to have a stellar year last season after a short but very impressive end of the season showing in ’07. One problem though, he was terrible. He didn’t just get sent to the minors, they sent him to instructional league with no competition because they felt his head was not in the game and mentally he was fragile.

morales.jpgOoops. Morales not too long ago revealed to the Rockies uppers he was having lower back pain and lost speed on his fastball and was using his changeups too much and getting lit up because of it. He spent the whole season in Triple A ball and had success, but some people thought it wasn’t fair he had to spend the whole season down there. Everyone agrees he should have spoken up. But life is just not fair sometimes.

Christmas eve I was pulled over for “not signaling long enough” when I made my lane change. I took it in stride and was ticketed for “not signing my registration.” Ok, I was nice and thanked the officer and put the ticket away to pay it after Christmas. Well, that time came and went and when I pulled the ticket out last week to pay it, I saw I had missed my date. So thinking it was only a $25 fine I called the municipal court to see the ramifications. Whoops, I now had a warrant out for my arrest because I had not paid my $25 fine in the 18 days I was given. Johnny Law was making a point.

GoToJail2.jpgSo the whole weekend I got to think I could be arrested at any moment because of a ridiculous fine the equivalent of jay-walking. Clearly life was not being fair.

But being the citizen I always hope to be, I went in zero-degree weather to talk to the court today and find out how to make things right. No problem they say. Great, so here’s that $25 I owe you and sorry about being a few days late, right? Nope. You now owe us $75 for administrative costs.

Isn’t that like when a bookie lets you know the “juice” is running on your debt and you are
bookieC.jpg going to pay more the later you are? Fine here’s the extra $50 I hope it builds a nice sidewalk somewhere or pays for a $3,000 toilet for the Mayor.

Life was clearly not being fair.

Moving has been anything but nice and it’s been one disaster after another when plans fall apart right before my eyes. My determination to be homeless does not waver though. Friends fall through and timelines come up short and finally today as I am taking some boxes of personal papers and my music collection to my mothers about an hour away, I notice I am in the middle of a white out. Great, can’t see the road and I still have more things to drop off.

Forecast for single digit weather and some inches of snow. Great, lifting heavy boxes is even funner in slippery snow! Whohoo.

And now I have to go back out and run more errands in the sub freezing temperatures knowing I have until Sunday to be out of here with the place spot on clean and tidy. Hhhmm. So I must cut this short and if you’d like an insight into my personality, I am reminded of a great old Hank Williams Sr. song and the lyrics, “The hogs took to cholera and the hens don’t lay, BUT we’re still alivin so everything’s ok.”

Sometimes life just ain’t fair!


  1. juliasrants

    Tom – it really does seem that way sometimes! Life heaps mounds of crap on us – and it’s how we handle it that shows what we are made of. Take a deep breathe and remember Hank has it right – “we’re still alivin so everything’s ok”. I hope you have a much better day tomorrow!


  2. rockymountainway

    Thanks Julia, I can only hope : )

    Yes oh well is exactly right Kaybee. Bring all the extra prayers ya got!

  3. redbirdchatter

    You are spot on! It’s not fair. Aren’t those the first words we shout when we are old enough to through our first verbal tantrum? I’m impressed…I thought growing up in my house that I had heard every Hank, Sr. song, but that’s a new one. Good luck with the move!

  4. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I’d comment on how much I dislike Blagojevich and how happy I am he was impeached, but there’d be too many asterisks, editing my profanities. I will say that his “tour of innocence” didn’t do anything since he never told anyone WHY he was innocent. He just said “I didn’t do anything wrong.” Show me why, Rod. Anyway, sorry about the ticket and all the fees and whatnot. I hope moving has gone well for you even through all the snow.

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