Hope starts in the heart- stopping for a moment in time

Day 19


When I initially put the idea out about my hope for Baseball Across America, I wrote there would be people who would like to see me fail. I knew there would be people who would just not understand and rather be part of the solution would choose to be part of the problem.

As I was waiting for Qwest to fix a vandalism problem and get everyone’s internet back on, I heard of some negators. I don’t want to put any more negative out there but I wanted to make a point about hope. I don’t want to say what negative I heard. It was ill-will and uninformed and I felt the need to point out the good. So I wanted to start this post with just some of the places inside and outside of this nation that have helped support me so far and show the good rather than talk about the bad. To the people who have chimed in from all these places, thank you.

american-flag.jpgGarland-Texas, Chicago-Illinois, Royal Oak-Michigan, Corpus Christi- Texas, Houston-Texas, Burlington-Ontario, Pompano Beach-Florida, Cocoa Beach-Florida, Bradenton-Florida, San Diego-California, Lakewood-Ohio, Philadelphia-Pennsylvania, Lake Orion-Michigan, New Berlin-Wisconsin, Saint Paul-Minnesota, Chula-Vista- California, Sackville-New Brunswick, Santa Clarita- California, Denver-Colorado, Pueblo-Colorado, Acton-Massachusetts, Sterling Heights-Michigan, Elk Grove Village-Illinois, Madison-Wisconsin, Portage-Indiana, Seoul-South Korea, Miami-Florida, Hampton-Virginia, Bernie-Missouri, Gillete-Wyoming and the list goes on.

These are some of the places in this world I’ve gotten support from and they stretch from military bases in far away lands to small towns in the heartland to Canadian brothers and sisters north of the border.

Heading into tomorrow and such a large day in American history, I was reminded hope begins in the heart. Many people will try and crush hope for so many reasons, but if you keep it where it is protected in the deepest parts of your soul then it can’t be defeated.

In 1963 one American inspired millions and had hope in a dream.

mlk.jpgIn 2008 Americans went to the polls, hoping for a new direction and hoping and electing another man inspired by a dream over 40 years ago.

11_obama_lg.jpgTo believe this man can solve all the world’s woes is foolish. Hoping he can help bring good and inspire others to do more is not.

I know before it’s all said and done there will be more people who will interject their negative opinion into what I believe. I’m not swayed by their negativity. My hope started in my heart and will grow there supported by so many great people and places in this world.

The next time you have an idea and hope, and it is a good thing in this world, let it grow. There will be those there to test you and hope to create more negative. Hope to create more positive instead.

Congratulations Mr. Obama and may you continue to inspire people to do more and be more in their lives. You inspire many people to hope and that is not a bad thing. You will not be perfect nor successful in everything you do in office, but I will believe you will do your best and I’ll do the same in helping make this country and world a little better place to live.

And if anyone needs a lesson in hope just drop by Illinois, not for advice from our new President, but from fans of these guys. They know all about hope!



  1. iliveforthis

    Tom – I think it’s so cool to hear all the people all over the world who are supporting you. I truly believe you’re doing something great, and while Mr. Obama is inspiring hope into the hearts of Americans everywhere, it’s my opinion that you are also inspiring hope into people. So keep believing that what you’re doing is amazing, because everyone else thinks it is.

  2. Elizabeth D

    Your support in Miami, FL will never stop! There may be some negativity out there, but it looks like you’re getting lots of support. Thank god that with hope, there’s faith, and as long as you have faith in your goal, nothing else matters. It always helps to get some extra support though right?
    And what a historical day it will be tomorrow– Barack Obama’s inauguration, continuing MLK’s dream!

  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Tom, reading your blogs, knowing that you’re going out there, doing what you love, and making a difference makes me proud to be associated with you here on MLBlogs. I hope people stop trying to crush your dreams and stop bringing the negativity. You deserve better because you a great person. Your support from me here in San Diego (and occasionally Chicago when I can go home) is neverending!

  4. juliasrants

    Tom – You know that Sudbury, Massachusetts is behind you 100%! And good for you for not letting they “nay sayers” get you down. They are sad people who let their fears prevent then from seeing the world and achieving their dreams, goals and hopes. Their lives are less for it. Live your dream Tom, see the world and change it! I know that you will! God Bless you Tom – He has already blessed us by bringing us to you and your journey.


  5. rockymountainway

    Emily- We can all inspire hope in all the small deeds we do. I’m glad everyone got a chance to read up on you and maybe there is a sports psych freshman who is inspired by what you say!

    Elizabeth- Take a moment out and hopefully wherever you are in school your teachers have the inauguration on all day so you can be witness. History in books can wait a day because history is being written before all of our eyes.

    Jen- San Diego and Chi town! Excellent- A two town kinda gal and so multi-talented! Now I have the internet back up I gotta get caught up on that diatribe of yours!

    Julia- You for sure are doing your part and he has blessed us with your great blog and kindness as well! Thank you for your support.


  6. Jane Heller

    You can’t let the doom-and-gloomers get to you, Tom! And from the sound of it, you won’t. Your positive spirit will carry you through any hardships you may face – that and your love of baseball. Enjoy the inauguration and all it signifies. I will too.


  7. rockymountainway

    Jane- Thanks and I do try to keep as positive as much as possible but sometimes even I get confused when someone for no other reason than to be negative puts more down into the world.-tom

  8. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Tom …

    Of course, you know, you have my support from the Bronx, New York !!! …….. Just, “keep the faith”, and “keep your dreams close to your heart” as you travel on your Baseball Trip Across America !!! … As I said on Elizabeth’s blog in my one true sentence, “when all else fails ‘pray to God’, as He has all the answers” !!! .. Jimmy [27NYY] “BY&L” http://baseballtheyankeesandlife.mlblogs.com/

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