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Day 6

Alright, time to get some research done so I can log it and break it out when necessary. It’s time for you the blogosphere to add your two cents and opinions. Even if you have never commented on a blog before this is your chance with one simple question:

What is your ballparks best food?

I assure you this is part opollster.jpgf science and will help save many lives. Alright maybe not! But I do want to test what every ballpark has that is considered the “best” by its fans. This idea got started by a San Fransisco fan who left a comment for me saying he would buy me a “chacha” bowl and would challenge it against any ballpark food in the country.

As we would say in the day, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

DonkeyKong.jpgSo what have you got that you would take the new visitor to your park and say, “You have to try this before you leave?” And stop looking over at this guy he is creepy but he is just doing his job!

Close your eyes and think back to that warm summer day when the crowd murmor lulls you into a calm feeling as you smell the grass. The sun is bright and the beer is cold or the lemon juice is super refreshing.

There it is in your lap. It smells like coming into your mother’s house from college and she’s cooking and it’s like wrapping a warm familiar blanket around you. It could be the smell your dad created all those barbecues growing up with the music playing and kids running around while the adults laughed and joked of things you would someday understand. Maybe your grandma baking as you walked into the kitchen and she told you to roll your sleeves up and get dirty.

It’s probably on a grey food carrier with a handful of napkins underneath and even without opening your eyes you know you could pick the smell out anywhere. That first bite like your first kiss you’d know it without a second thought. Maybe in a bowl or in a bun or on a stick. Maybe wrapped in a warm tortilla.

What is it? L.A., Phoenix, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Boston, Kansas City, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Tampa, Denver, Baltimore, Anaheim, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Fransisco, Milwaukee, Toronto, Houston, Oakland, Philly, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, D.C., Miami.

The only thing I would ask is that it is reasonably priced ballpark food. I can’t afford a $40 steak at a V.I.P. section that only the few eat. I’m talking ballpark food anyone could afford. My favorite at Coors cost $6 so I don’t mind if it cost a little more than that but realistically how many people are buying and is it a treat for the few rather than a favorite for the masses.

Show me what you got and if I get there, I will have a little black book to test it against all the others and see indeed if the “chacha” holds up against any ballpark food in the country. I know the blogosphere will come through with some good eats and great treats as they say over at Dairy Queen.

Programming note: Check in tomorrow for #2 in the Timeout at the Plate Series and read about a young writer who claims to hold nothing back in her opinion of her team good or bad she’ll put it out there and pull no punches! 










    • rockymountainway

      Wild child you present a dilemma but one I believe to be solvable. I did not consider a “liquid” meal but a smoothie would qualify I believe because the calorie count would probably be the same as a “hard” food and it would fill you up the same so I’ll will make sure to look for the “really yummy smoothies they put in a fancy Indian’s glass!”- Thanks, Tom

    • rockymountainway

      I’m guessin Brewer fan will forgive you as you make a valid point but they have fielded some pretty good teams lately so who knows maybe sooner than later. And shea yeah maybe Citi will have that same popcorn!- tom

    • rockymountainway

      Julia- Fenway Frank, check. and legal clam chowder? I guess I have never had the illegal variety! Something more the readers need to know here Julia! huh?

    • rockymountainway

      Cool King thanks, garlic fries going right next to the chacha in the black book. Appreciate it- tom

  1. Elizabeth D

    I’m glad to hear that you got the MLB Center job! That’s wonderful!
    Chacha bowl? I must try this next time I’m at AT&T Park! Of course the famous “Fenway Franks” are delicious but I also love the lemonade on that hot summer day that you described. A pretzel is always a must and of course some peanuts! Also, the garlic fries at AT&T Park are incredible (like kingofcali said).

    • rockymountainway

      Alright Elizabeth I’ll put you down for “Fenway Franks” as you are hardcore Boston but feel free to chime in on any particular goodie in south Florida you may partake in since you live there unless you are flying to Fenway to see all your games! So that’s two for Fenway Franks, got it.- Tommy

  2. Kylie

    Okay… well, personally I’m not a girl for ballpark fare–I never liked hot dogs when I was a kid–so I usually get just pizza. We have a Mexican restaurant on the main course, though, so I’ll check that out before you get here so I can truly show you the best.
    Kylie —

    • rockymountainway

      Awesome Kylie I asked my friend in Houston today and he didn’t really have an answer so I’ll take your detective like work when I’m down there!- tom

  3. Jane Heller

    I’ll recommend food from a ballpark that’s not mine. How’s that for sportsmanship! It’s Boog’s BBQ at Camden Yards, the concession owned by former O’s first baseman Boog Powell. I’m salivating just thinking about their pit turkey platter with baked beans and cole slaw. HMMMMM.

    • rockymountainway

      If it comes from Jane Heller I better give it a looksie and that BBQ looks like its gonna need a big ol looksie! Thanks for covering Baltimore as I don’t think I have ever seen a Baltimore blog on here so you are the best!-tom

  4. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I’ve been to four ballparks, two regularly. Normally, I’d recommend the Best Kosher dog at US Cellular Field, but Sara Lee is discontinuing the brand, so I don’t know what the replacement will be. So at USCF, I highly recommend their churros. They’re fantastic. And if you’re a fan of margaritas, the strawberry one is amazing. At Wrigley, I had a hot dog that wasn’t bad, but avoid the soft pretzels. They’re WAY salty and not very soft. Their mai tais aren’t bad either. I had a burger at Petco in San Diego that wasn’t bad, and you MUST MUST MUST have the garlic fries at AT&T Park.

    • rockymountainway

      Jen, lol gotta dog the cubbies even on their food! I love it a true Sox fan. Churros check! Noted and appreciated. Way to step up and represent chi town and there are a lot of folks recommending the garlic fries so a definite must. Thanks!- tom

  5. procke

    If you go to Dodger Stadium the obvious answer is a Dodger Dog. I prefer the all beef version rather than the standard version (who knows what Farmer John puts in there).

    I have to admit one of the best bargains was the chicken strips and fries combo. Maybe that’s what they don’t offer it anymore.

    One thing we don’t buy at the games are drinks. We pack in our own. I can’t bring myself to pay $4 for a 20oz Sprite when I can buy a six pack on sale for $2.

    Don’t you think if they lowered prices than more people would buy food? It’s like at the movies, what’s up with $7 for popcorn?

    We usually add on a Wetzel’s pretzel (never more than 30 minutes old…..what happens then?)

    • rockymountainway

      Awesome, dodger dog, thanks for the all beef heads up because that makes a lot of sense. Noted and appreciated- tom

  6. rockymountainway

    Dieter here is your recommendations from seattle and let me know when you get the blog fixed so I can post your url!

    Ivar’s is a pretty good place to go if you like seafood and aren’t from around the area. I personally don’t think highly of Ivar’s, but it seems to be pretty popular. As with most ballparks, the garlic fries are popular. The smell lingers throughout the stadium. They smell AND taste delicious. I’m not sure if you’ve been to Safeco, but the “Hit It Here Cafe” is above the right field seats and overlooks the field. If you’re looking for a unique eating “experience”, that could be fun. Note: Tickets are required to dine there during the game. Before the game, anyone is welcome to go in on a first come first serve basis.

    If you like sushi, they have the famous “Ichiroll.” Personally, I’ve never tried it (Not a big sushi fan) however in the same location (Bullpen Market) inside of the center field gate at street level, there’s a teriyaki place. That’s my absolute favorite food there. I didn’t expect ballpark teriyaki to be so good, but it’s AMAZING.

    Bottom Line: I would recommend the garlic fries, the teriyaki, and the chocolate-covered strawberries. There’s tons to choose from at Safeco. If you want a “signature” meal, try Ivar’s clam chowder. They even had a “fish dog” for a while. Not sure if it’s still there though.

    Hopefully this helps you out. Good luck to you and your blog, and hopefully the M’s and Rockies can entertain us this year!

  7. welikeroywelikeroy

    I’ve always been a fan of the Southern Ontario pizza chain ‘Pizza Pizza.’ The sell that at Jays game. If you ever have a chance to get the lunch buffet at Windows Restaurant overlooking the outfield, do it. It can be pretty good.

    If you go to the Air Canada Centre for a Leafs or Raptors game, there is a great ‘pulled-pork sandwich’ there.

    In Detroit I had amazing nachos/burritos in the food court, and the tall elaborate daquiri’s are always fun.

    • rockymountainway

      Damn beer in a thimble…that is depressing. I’ll leave a notation next to chase field *nothing good unless somehow lucky to stumble upon!- tom

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