I’m Back! Baseball the gift that keeps on giving…Part 1

So I’m back in town and I’m officially wishing all of you who actually read this a very belated Merry Christmas and I hope it was a great day! I went out of town and left the computer to visit the parents (like a good son) and wanted to catch up on all the happenings.

No Christmas miracle with Teixeira. I guess he didn’t read my blog and get inspired to make the world a better place. Oh well, I tried. He did win me $20 though. I’ll explain in a bit. My travels began heading into town to watch a Christmas play.

I was invited to church to watch my niece and godson who had parts in a small Christmas play during the mass. Been awhile since I had been to church and when I didn’t burst into flames I felt at ease. My brother had asked if I would mind taking pictures of them because I do some photography, sometimes professional, and I have some really awesome lenses for that less intrusive shot taking. Now, less intrusive or not, it’s still church and I tried to be as respectful as possible in getting the shot I did, and my niece and nephew get their props on my blog. So here they are!


Their acting went off without a hitch and the kids all got free cupcakes after mass. Not a bad deal. Seeing them as old as they are now I couldn’t stop and think how fast life was flying and I commented to my mother and father that my niece is gonna be a handful when she gets into high school because she’s such a pretty girl and how my nephew is on this neverending growth spurt and is already at least six inches taller than his classmates.

Church went well and sitting near the Christmas tree after getting home, I began to talk about life and of course they wanted to know what direction my life was going and I finally let the cat out of the bag. I told them my great plan for the upcoming year and it was a mixed reaction. I am going to put the whole “cat” into an entire blog in the near future and you can all read about it, but for this blog I’ll just say it involves baseball.

Baseball. It went from there and kept going. For hours we talked about baseball. I filled my mom in on the up and comings of the Rockies and she chimed in with her opinion. My mom really took to baseball this last year and is pretty darn knowledgeable. I think I finally realized it when I called her one day this summer and she asked me if I was watching the game and I honestly didn’t even know they were playing that day. She even showed me her own cheat sheet she made to keep up on players on who she wasn’t familiar with. I was impressed.

The hours flew by and the more cocktails I poured the more I was sure about baseball! My mom finally called it a night at around three in the morning Christmas morning. Me and pop kept going to well near six. My father and mother grew up in Brooklyn and it’s fun to listen to old baseball stories about the Dodgers and Giants and the Polo Grounds and Ebbets. Coming from New York I grew up a Mets fan and of course the dreaded Yankees came up.

There it was. Both my father and I never rooted for the Yankees but this team always has to come up even if you are not a fan. We argued I think every point you could. Was Hank really running the show or was Georgie putting in his two cents? Would they ever go back to their farm system for the majority of their talent or just buy big names? On and on and then Manny and Tex came up. Pop swore the Yank’s would sign Manny for the bat and he would take the money to get back at Boston. I said maybe, but it was much more likely they would sign Teixeira and spend another $180 million.

Back and forth, back and forth. Finally he said $20 if they sign Manny and I said Tex. Cha-ching gonna have to cash that one in. : )

So that was my Christmas eve talking baseball, all kinds of baseball. Hearing old stories talking about making new ones. There was a break in the action when a really good childhood friend of mine stopped in and of course he had to referee an argument pop and I got into over microwaves. I know microwaves! We agreed neither of us had enough information on hand to win this debate and my friend Carl just laughed and said it wouldn’t be the Walsh househould if pop and I weren’t debating something. That was the real gift.

Christmas morning I had maybe four hours of sleep before the kids were to come over and lack of sleep and a slight hangover were a rough combination with all their excitement. Gotta love kids. Gifts were exchanged but I just reflected that I was glad I was getting older because I realized the real gift was the night before. I know I won’t have many more decades with my parents and talking to them all night and even heated debates about a team I don’t pull for was the best gift I could have gotten.

 I loved hearing moms excitement for young players because it’s a mother thing and you could tell she would invite them over and make them dinner if she could. I enjoyed hearing my dads armchair quarterbacking of managerial decisions and hopes new bench coaches would bring back some discipline. A dad thing I guess. 

Someday I’m sure I will have kids of my own.My father told me my grandfather once said to him, “I hope you have a son just like you.”  When I’m sitting up one night and my son or daughter is challenging me on baseball at six in the morning I will just laugh and hope they realize the gift in front of them like I did this Christmas. I’m sure I’ll still try to win the debate too…



  1. Jane Heller

    First of all, I’m impressed that your mom stayed up talking until 3 am! (I’m lights out WAY before that.) And very cool that she and your dad have great memories to share with you. Glad you won the bet 🙂 So when will you let the cat out of the bag? Are you going to keep us in suspense????


  2. rockymountainway

    Jane- I love to quote movies when someone asks me a question and the answer fits (querk I have) I am reminded of a very awesome ’80s movie (a favorite) Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas and Danny Devito. Devito’s character yells to his brother in the movie “Ira send the boat back” Ira says “I will” Devito “When?” Ira “Soon”..”how soon?” “real soon.” To answer your Q!
    And yeah my mom was a total trooper which made it all the more special.

  3. Elizabeth D

    Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas! Nice shot of your niece and nephew as well, they’re adorable! It’s great that you were able to have some nice conversations about baseball! For me on Christmas it was briefly mentioned, but since half the people don’t understand a word, I refrained. Happy Holidays!

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Rockymountainway …

    Very Inspiring Christmas Post !!! … Looks like you had a “perfect” Christmas — attending Christmas Mass; seeing your niece and nephew in a Christmas play; spending Christmas Eve and Day with family and friends; talking about baseball; and, the special time you spent with your father and mother !!! … All very special moments to cherish for a lifetime !!! … My Christmas was also enjoyable, filled with many special moments: attending Christmas Mass; celebrating Christmas Day with family and friends, and, especially, seeing and spending time with my six nieces; and, talking about the Yankees and the upcoming baseball season with my brothers, brother-in-law, and friends, who are all Yankee fans … So, it was a very happy time talking about the awesome gifts the Steinbrenner family gave all Yankee fans this Christmas [Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, and A.J. Burnett] … My parents have passed away, so I miss the many special moments they always provided to all in my family, especially, during the Holiday seasons … But, spending time with family and friends; and, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, truly makes the Christmas Season the most beautiful time of the year !!! … These are all special moments we should all always keep close to our hearts !!! … Take care; Enjoy the rest of the Holiday Season; and, Keep up the great work on your mlblog !!! … Jimmy [27YY]


  5. juliasrants

    We talked baseball with my family on Christmas. It is great having a topic like that that all the generations can gather around and chat about! Your niece & nephew are adorable! I’m glad you had a great Christmas & I look forward to hearing about all your future baseball plans!


  6. welikeroywelikeroy

    Our moms have something in common. My mom is one of my best baseball buddies too! I’m glad the holidays went well for you. I, on the other hand, was still coming to grips with the Halladay trade. I even got a Halladay jersey for Christmas. Anyway Tom, take care.

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