A baseball christmas miracle!

So here it is a baseball christmas miracle starring one Mark Teixeira.


MLB world stunned by Teixeira singing


(BP) Baltimore- Major League baseball insiders were stunned today upon the news of former Angel’s first baseman Mark Teixeira signing with the Baltimore Orioles.mark tex.jpg

            Teixeira, who was believed to have offers from the Boston RedSox and New York Yankees for around 180 million dollars signed with the Orioles for a reported 100 million. Many were surprised by the signing with the Orioles, but even more stunned by the stipulations in the contract. Teixeira reportedly has a stipulation which demands 40 percent of his salary be donated to local charities over the course of his eight year deal with the Orioles.

            I know I’m a good ball player and I know there was a lot of money on the table but I felt it was my duty to give back to the community, Teixeira reportedly said after the signing.

            This type of deal is believed to be the first of its kind and completely reverse of large deals major league baseball has become accustomed to. Just recently, former Brewers pitcher C.C. Sabathia signed for over 160 million with the New York Yankees in one of the many big money deals which were believed to come about in the off season.

            Power agent Scot Boras , when asked about the signing, stormed out of the press conference only saying, “no comment”.

            Local Baltimore charities will begin receiving the money upon applying with the Orioles starting Monday.


Ok ok that was my Orsen Wells moment and the story is BOGUS, but maybe if for just one moment something like this did happen what better place would the world be and how much better would baseball be? It being Christmas time and all, who knows maybe a miracle is in the works?



  1. gotmilb

    Oh man, I LOVED this!!! Seriously, how awesome would that be, to see just one player (OK, more than just one player, but it would be a good start!) do that!

    (And to imagine the reaction Boras would have)

    Keep those ideas coming, dude … you never know when someone will read it and actually DO it!

    Happy holidays!


  2. juliasrants

    Tom – I could hear the bells ringing and knew that an angel was getting his set of wings. Given how many people are out of work and losing their homes, the thought of these obscenely huge contracts is enough to make your choke. Merry Christmas indeed.


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