Why I’ll never like the Yankees

Seriously? Again? The Yankees are reportedly looking to stay in the running for Angel’s first baseman Mark Teixeira. Money wise that is looking like another $160 million, to keep pace, the Yankees are willing to drop this off season. So you signed Sabathia and you needed to shore up your pitching. I get it. A ridiculous amount like $160 million. I get it you’re the Yankees. Ridiculous amounts of money are what you do.$82 million on a guy, Burnett, who has never won 20 games and has been hurt more than A-Rods feelings in the Big Apple. This is why I will never like the Yankees.

I know, I know I can hear Yankee fan right now, “well you wouldn’t bitch if your team had the money and was spending it on players.” Actually if it was just a player now and again I get that. I understand the need sometimes to pay for a big name free agent who plugs a hole and takes you to the top. I get it. But over and over and over. And what has it gotten?giambi.jpg

Fielding, what looks like an all-star team every year, the Yankees may be getting what they are buying into. Millions into a steroid pumping first baseman in Giambi and what’d ya get? But boy was he the man in Oakland. Better snatch him up quick and throw ridiculous amounts into the pot. Is Johhny D still looking good for that $52 million you paid him for four years? The guy for the first time as a Yankee hit for over .302 in ’08.

johhnyd.jpgThe Yankees just don’t get it. I understand the new stadium will bring in all kinds of new revenue, but they can never pay for chemistry and when all the guys are ridiculously paid stars on their own, I don’t think they will be seeing the World Series anytime soon. You drop big money on guys who had career years in the now and you hope it will carry over into the then.

Let see if Mr. Sabathia, who by his own admission, didn’t want to live on the east coast can focus on the game at hand or will he be too busy counting his money on the way to the bank… One thing’s for sure if Teixeira does sign for over $160 mil with the Yanks, Mr. Scott  Boras owes one Mr. Cashman a really nice thank you card… I can hear Boras now,



  1. juliasrants

    It seems the Yankees are making a game out of signing free agents. They are taking all the free agents and then thumbing their noses at the other teams. The only problem is – just throwing money at players does not guarantee that 1. They will be any good and 2. That the team can actually win. I’m not sure the Yankees will ever understand this. But hey, it gives us all something to talk about!


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