Winter meetings bring back childhood memories


 As I have been keeping up with the latest and greatest news coming out of Vegas, I couldn’t help but think of how much it reminded me of being 10 years old sitting on my buddies bed with baseball cards sprawled out.


“Hey, I got this Darryl Strawberry whatd’ya say for that Tony Gwynn? Huh?”

darrl straw.jpg 
Just like a multi-million dollar owner of a baseball franchise you would sit on beds, concrete, playgrounds all to acquire that trade which would enhance your collection.


“Ok, ok I know it’s just a Canseco but I’ll throw in this gijoe too.”

You hoped your trading partner had not read the latest beckett and seen how much this crap card you were trading off was really worth. Maybe he didn’t know that stat on the back of the Nolan Ryan was wrong and that error made the card worth more than you could make from selling newspapers.

ricky henderson.jpg 

“What do you mean you want my Ricky Henderson for this guy Ken Griffey Jr. He plays in Seattle. Who plays in Seattle?!”
ken griffey.jpg
So instead of cards with faces of players we only knew from the day game on Saturday afternoon television, we the fans watch as owners hope to make trades and acquisitions maybe just like they did when they were 10.


Maybe millions and millions of dollars, revenue concerns, hungry agents and a tough economy seem to change it, in reality each general manager is still trying to get the asset which makes his “collection” the best.


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