Big memories sometimes come cheap- a ticket worth 15 dollars


The economy has put a damper on many peoples shopping lists this year. Some say they don’t have enough money, some say there’s nothing cheap that’s worth getting. Looking back on some of my old baseball memorabilia, I came across a cheap ticket which allowed me to gain entrance into probably the best baseball game I’ll ever see. It made me wish that small inexpensive ticket could be given year ’round or at least show people that sometimes even the smallest amount of money can bring about the greatest memories.

    It started September 30, 2007 with the Rockies beating the D’backs to get a shot at the playoffs. I’ll never forget being on my phone as I entered Coors that day with my father to catch the last game of the regular season. I had been talking to a friend of mine who lives in Wisconsin and was giving me play by play of the Brewers game.

    See the Rockies needed the Brewers to win against the Padres to be able to force a playoff. They were winning and I remembered jumping up in the concourse and yelling “the Brewers are up the Brewers are up… homerun!” Some people looked at me like I was on drugs, and some others (people I’ll term true fans) shouted and started to high five because they knew. Now it was up to the Rockies to do their part and would they ever.

    The rumor that day was the manual scoreboard operator was intentionally holding back the score of the Brewers-Padres game to keep the pressure off the Rockies so they could just play ball. But by the fifth inning in Milwaukee, things were looking bad for the Padres and the operator kept the runs coming on the board. The crowd watched the board almost as intently as the game at times because with each new update came a roar from Coors. The F for final would go up on the board for the Brewers game and minutes later the Rockies would take another step in this unbelievable journey of theirs by putting an F of the their own on the regular season with a win over the D’backs. They had done it. They had forced the playoff.

    I think probably 2/3 of Colorado probably still didn’t realize what it meant. What this incredible streak had meant and what was about to happen. Of course the “real” fans clammored immediately after the game to buy tickets at the windows outside Coors and spilled into the streets to form lines, at times angrily. I looked saddened that we had been too slow getting out of the stadium and that the tickets would be gone for tomorrow’s game and realized that maybe I still had a chance online. So I flew to the parking lot and away to the highway to the 50 minute drive home and a shot at getting to see this playoff.

   After a drive which seemed like forever I found myself in front of my computer screen hoping, praying there were tickets left. I didn’t care where, anywhere just be some left. And like divine intervention there they were. Two tickets in section L344 row 1 seats 7 & 8. Fifteen dollars a piece. 

   I look back in amazement on how much 15 dollars got me the next day. I think that 15 dollars would not buy a lot in today’s world but like I said I wish I could give a gift worth 15 dollars that in the end was priceless.

For part 2 of the ticket worth 15 dollars I’ll put into words what more than 40 thousand other fans from Coors field must have seen that October night when the Rockies would make history. 



  1. juliasrants

    There is NOTHING like being at a game and keeping your eye on the scoreboard for the other “important” games. I have done that countless times at Fenway. Members of Red Sox Nation know the importance of of that; even when we watch the games on TV on NESN, the TV cameramen always know to pan over to our great manual scoreboard so we can keep up on the other games. That’s what fans do.


    • rockymountainway

      Well sure that’s what fans do. Certain games just take on an entirely different feel when it comes to constantly looking over at the scoreboards. Sometimes that scoreboard is THE main focus. Technology does it make it fun now though when you can look over and see a buddies team is getting blown out and rub it in with a quick text! Of course you just got to laugh when it comes your way. Kudos to pedroia for signing. That kid seems to have super powers when October rolls around A bad bad man.

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