Welcome back Don!

The results are in and Don Baylor is back. Clint Hurdle has chosen the former Rockies skipper to be the hitting coach and hopefully he’s a welcome addition.don baylor.jpg

Baylor brings his career lifetime 2,135 hits club experience along with his historical 267 hit by pitches (just in case the Rockies get into a slump he can teach the players to “take one for the team”). It has been 20 years since Baylor put his players uniform on, but hopefully all of his experience as manager and bench coach since, will be more than enough to be considered a good addition.

But Don, it’s not the same game here in Denver and let me be the first to welcome you but make you aware of all that’s happened in Denver since you’ve been gone.

1) Sure you’ve heard the Monforts are still around, just listen to the grumbles from a whole lot of fans on your way to the ballpark. Don’t focus on the front office too much though. Colorado Springs has been sending up some good hitting players and we just need you to make them even better in addition to the studs already in the lineup.

2) World Series baby. Yep, we could have used your batting coach wisdom in that series as the Rockies bats fell to an anemic level, but Colorado got a taste and we want more. Oh and RedSox fans are not “cute and loveable” anymore.

3) T-Rex is finally done! Crazy thing is Don, that road project which was supposed to put Denver in good traffic shape for decades to come has already been considered outdated and was only finished in the last two years. You came back just in time.


4) LoDo is a whole lot different then it used to be. Don’t be worried about the multi-million dollar condos across the street from Coors and popping up all around. That’s the natural way of things.


lodo condo.jpg

5) Rest assured though Don, some things still remain the same and the beverage from which the ballpark takes it’s name is still $6 and can bankrupt you by the 7th inning stretch. Good thing for you beer vendors don’t hit the dugout, bad thing for us if we want a cool refreshment.



6) Don’t worry about the coors in the ballpark because LoDo has even more establishments now then when you left to serve up frothy refreshment. Rockies half-full fans will tell you it’s to celebrate. Half-empties will say it’s to drown.



lodo bar.jpgHopefully that is enough to get you by but fear not because I have saved the best for last.

7) The Rockies still have their digs at Hi-Corbett in Tuscon and before long you will be enjoying 75 degree days watching about as much pure baseball as you can still have in this modern era. Take it in, breath it in and help the boys of summer be all they can be.

DSC03691.JPGAnd welcome back Don…

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